Season 4 Episode 14

Orpheus Descending

Aired Monday 11:00 PM Feb 11, 2001 on HBO



  • Trivia

    • Prisoner featured

      Padraic Connolly, arrested February 28th,
      2001. Illegal entry into the United States, being held pending deportation. (prisoner # 01C972).

    • During the basketball match, the sweat on Brass' shirt changes between shots.

    • McManus greets Connelly with "Caid Mile Failta", a traditional Gaelic welcome that means "One hundred thousand welcomes".

    • Schillinger threatens Clotier by quoting a Bible verse. The verse is Ezekiel chapter 21 verse 31 and the complete quote is " I will pour out my indignation on you; I will blow on you with the fire of my wrath; and I will deliver you into the hand of brutish men, skillful to destroy."

  • Quotes

    • (Ryan is delivering food to Solitary just as Robson arrives)
      Ryan: Hey, what's up, half-dick!?

    • Bennett: Yo, you Shalenger?
      Schillinger: Schillinger!

    • Nathan: Cyril's brother is his only lifeline to reality. If we seperate them, the guy's going to spiral into lunacy.
      McManus: Yeah we keep him here, he gets into more fights, maybe he puts somebody else in a coma. I think we should transfer him out today.
      Nathan: You're being cruel.
      McManus: I rather cruel than blind.

    • (Kenmin does a handstand in the gym)
      Cyril: (to Ryan) I wanna try that.

    • Kirk: Connolly. I'm Timmy Kirk, this is Jim Burns.
      Connolly: Why should I care what your names are?
      Kirk: We're inviting you to a Bible study that the Reverend Cloutier is holding this afternoon.
      Connolly: Cloutier? Who's Cloutier?
      Burns: Today's your conversion day, Padraic. Well, either that or we beat the Cat'lic right off ya. Your choice.

    • O'Reily: You should be looking at me, we're being watched.
      Connolly: Watched?
      O'Reily: I walk out of here and on body language alone, everyone's gonna know what's what between the two of us.
      Connolly: I won't be here long enough to need your friendship so, have a good walk.

    • Connolly: Mr O'Reily, I've no need for what you're selling.
      O'Reily: You know, Padraic, you're starting to piss me off so I'm just gonna say this once. You best start treating Oz like the North of Ireland because in here you walk, talk, sleep, work, eat, shit and drink with your own kind. You fuckin' understand me?
      Connolly: Oh, and you think because your name's O'Reily that you're one of my kind?

    • Connolly: How do you know me name?
      O'Reily: Oh, on the TV the past couple of days, nothing but you and the IRA executing that British limey Commando officer fuck thing.
      Connolly: That was on the telly? That we executed Captain Hurley?
      O'Reily: Yeah.
      Connolly: That's not what happened.
      O'Reily: Well, hey. Doesn't matter what happened, that's what the guys in here think happened. And, believe me, that's a good'un for the both of us.

    • (Deyell is being taken over to Benchley for some medical tests)
      Deyell: So long, Said.
      Arif: (to Glynn) Funny, he said "so long" like he was never coming back.

    • McManus: Busmalis, come in.
      Busmalis: Sit?
      McManus: Stand. You play basketball?
      Busmalis: No.
      McManus: How about when you were younger?
      Busmalis: No.
      McManus: Any sports at all?
      Busmalis: Nah. I was the guy with the towel.
      McManus: Go introduce yourself to Jackson Vahue. You're his new teammate.

    • Vahue: (to McManus) You're gonna be pissed if I say no ... I say no.

    • Vahue: So ... So you're saying if you and I play, you'll beat me?
      McManus: Under the right circumstances, ball bounces the right way, who knows?
      Vahue: No circumstances are you beatin' me. Shit, I spot you 9 in a game of 10 and I'd beat you 10-9 everytime. I could use the sorriest motherfucker in this prison and you take the best, and I still clown your broke-down, pushing-50, junkyard ass.
      McManus: Well, let's do it.
      Vahue: Do what?
      McManus: You take the worst inmate, I'll find the best CO, play a little 2 on 2.

    • McManus: Yeah, come to think of it, your jump shot was pretty erractic
      before you got to Oz.
      Vahue: Erratic, my ass. You see the last game I played? Shit, I busted the Bulls with 55.
      McManus: Yeah, and if I remember right, your team lost that night.
      Vahue: Well, I had no supporting cast.
      McManus: It seemed to me that you were being too selfish.
      Vahue: You and every other come-to-the-game-live-your-dreams-through-me motherfuckers.
      McManus: Hey, I played. I mean, I didn't have your gifts, but, uh, my teams won.

    • McManus: Your shot's off.
      Vahue: There's nothing wrong with my shot.
      McManus: No, it's off. There's no follow-though.
      Vahue: Give me the ball back.
      McManus: Watch, see? That's follow-though.
      (Vahue slam-dunks the ball)
      Vahue: THAT'S follow-though.

    • (Jackson wakes up to find a rat crawling on him)
      Jackson: Oh, shit, Bailey! You gotta get on the phone in there and call pest control. I'm sick of sharing my cell with Mickey and the other rats.
      Bailey: Mickey is a mouse.

    • Said: Glynn, you just do what you always do. Nothing.

    • Bennett: (to Schillinger) Wait a minute, Chief, I don't want no trouble. But, fuck, I thought you knew Hank pimped that bitch. Even a couple of the brothers hit it. I'm surprised that baby ain't come out golden brown.

    • (looking at photo of Schillinger's grandchild)
      Robson: Yeah, Vern, she's real cute.
      Schillinger: Her name's Jewel.
      Robson: Jewel? Sure as hell hope the other kids don't nickname her 'Jew'.

    • Beecher: Chris, I might be getting parolled.
      Keller: No shit?
      Beecher: Yeah, maybe as soon as a couple weeks. And I thought, if I do, I'm gonna make the trip up to Massachusetts.
      Keller: Hey, Toby, uh... don't. You know, if you are lucky enough to get out, I want you to turn your back on all this shit and run. You understand me, you gotta fuckin' run for your life.
      Beecher: You giving me an order?
      Keller: No, man, I'm on my knees and I'm beggin' you, stay away from me.

    • Beecher: That's the problem here in Oz. You never get to finish a conversation.
      McClain: Oh we're far from finished, Tobias.

    • Hughes: Basil, you taking Yood's side against mine?
      Basil: Yeah, why shouldn't I?
      Hughes: Cause of what he is and what we are.
      Basil: What you are is a fuckwad.

    • Murphy: Redding, meet your new cell mate, the Colonel.
      Redding: I don't want a cell mate.
      Murphy: Aw geez! Your reservation for the single suite must've got screwed up.

    • Pancamo: Supreme Allah. I heard you were dead.
      Allah: You know, that's funny, I heard the same thing about you.

    • Hill: (narrating) Back in the old Greek times there lived a man named Orpheus. Loved his wife, took it easy on the ouzo, played a mean guitar. Upstanding guy. So what did the almighty gods do? They fucked with him. Made his life Hades. Why? 'Cause that's what those in power do to those of us with none.

    • Hill: (narrating) So, Orpheus returns to Earth. Alone. Sad. And what happens? Do the town's people console him? Fuck no. They blame him for his failure and tear him to bits, literally. Then they throw his organs in the river. All this 'cause he let his family down, 'cause he took one last look at someone he loved. The gods don't have a sentimental bone in their bodies.

    • Hill: (narrating) So, Orpheus' wife's strolling along, gets bitten by a snake and dies. Orpheus freaks out and heads down to the underworld to demand, that his lady be returned. And some goddess says: "Okay, on one condition. If you look at her before you get back to Earth, she'll disappear." With, like ten feet to go, motherfucker turns around and wife is sent right back to hell. Orpheus should have known better - you don't fuck with the gods!

  • Notes

    • Prisoner featured

      Padraic Connolly, arrested February 28th,
      2001. Illegal entry into the United States, being held pending deportation. (prison # 01C972).

    • Special thanks to Gordon Elliot, Peter Maas, John Carpenter, Christopher Meloni. Christopher had an audio cameo only, as he urged Beecher to give up on him and focus on parole.

    • Crime Flashback

      Padraic Connelly is arrested while tending bar.

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