Season 1 Episode 7

Plan B

Aired Monday 11:00 PM Aug 18, 1997 on HBO
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Episode Summary

Said has recovered from his illness and he orders all the Muslims to cast out Huseni Mershah from their group. To impress Said Groves decide to kill Warden Glynn, but he ends up stabbing another CO. Groves is sentence to death for his crime and he chooses a firing squad as his means of execution. Schibetta begins to hemorrhage from the effects of consuming ground glass. Beecher shows his bad side when he attacks Schillinger.


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  • Beecher reaches his breaking point and attacks Shillinger.

    This episode stands out as the episode where Beecher destroys Schillinger.

    After being hooked on drugs and going crazy, he finally he goes after the person who made him miserable.

    This is probably one of the biggest "Oh Wow" moments of the show. The explosion of violence by Beecher has been building up and it explodes. Hill summed in it up in the narration for the ending with the "careful what you wish for" remark. Schillinger had humiliated Beecher too much and it was payback time.

    Also in this episode Said's organization of the inmates is making them stronger leading up a potential riot. Grover tries to kill the Warden. Ciabetta feels the broken glass in his insides due to O'Reilly and Adebisi's plan to kill him.

    The final moment of Beecher on top of Schillinger is a sign of battles to come.moreless
  • Beecher time

    When I say Beecher time, what goes around your head? Well yeah. Actually this episode is a special one, because of Beecher. I've waited so long for him to snap back at Schillinger, I just couldn't take it anymore. But, my patience worth it. Even I wouldn't think a better vengeace. It's remarcable and a little bit grose too, how he managed to deal with his own fears (that means Schillinger). Also kinda shocking, but with a couple of episodes of oz, you'll get use to it and think at it as something ordinary. Still. Beecher got up big time. But will he be able to get out of this mess before his fears become bigger? I don't know. But I'm gonna find out in a couple of minutes. This show is so addictive!moreless
Ernie Hudson

Ernie Hudson

Warden Leo Glynn

Rita Moreno

Rita Moreno

Sister Peter Marie Reimondo

J.K. Simmons

J.K. Simmons

Vernon Schillinger

BD Wong

BD Wong

Father Ray Mukada

Lauren Velez

Lauren Velez

Dr. Gloria Nathan

Dean Winters

Dean Winters

Ryan O'Reily

Roger Guenveur Smith

Roger Guenveur Smith

Huseni Mershah

Guest Star

Zuill Bailey

Zuill Bailey

Eugene Dobbins

Guest Star

Murphy Guyer

Murphy Guyer

Officer Hunt

Guest Star

Stephen Gevedon

Stephen Gevedon

Scott Ross

Recurring Role

James Palacio

James Palacio

Fiona Zonioni

Recurring Role

Steven Wishnoff

Steven Wishnoff

Tony Masters

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Prisoners featured

      Donald Groves convicted July 3rd 1997, two counts of murder in the 1st degree. Sentence: life imprisonment. (prisoner # 97G414)

      Eugene Dobbins convicted August 18th 1997 murder in the 2nd degree. Sentence: 22 years, up for parole in 8. (prisoner # 97D403)

    • In the fist five minutes of the episode, you can see Eugene Dobbins watching television in Em City, however he is not introduced until halfway through the episode.

  • QUOTES (28)

    • (Beecher is being harassed by the Aryans)
      McManus: Hey, you wanted to see me?
      Beecher: I need you to move me to another cell block.
      McManus: All the cell blocks are full.
      Beecher: Then move me to another prison.
      McManus: Do I look like a travel agent to you?

    • (in the hospital after Beecher attacked Schillinger)
      Schillinger: Look what that cocksucker did to me. Turned me into Jolly fucking Roger, only I'm not feeling real jolly right now.
      McManus: Well, Dr. Nathan says there's a chance they can still save your eye.
      Schillinger: Always looking for the upside, huh, McManus?

    • Augustus Hill: (narrating) If you listen to the poets, they'll tell you that a big, bad event in someone's life changes them. If you lose the woman you love or your legs, you suddenly find a kind of beauty inside yourself. That's what they say, the poets. Truth is, you don't. After a big, bad event, you only become more of the person you already were. It's after a big, bad event that you find out the real person you always were inside.

    • Said: Well, I have a warning for the two of you. Change your ways or you will suffer the wrath of God.
      Adebisi: God? I don't see any God.
      Ryan: God's not here.
      Adebisi: All I see is you. You have a bad heart.
      Said: You have it so wrong. I have a weak heart. And you have the bad heart. You can keep my watch.
      Ryan: He's right. You do have a bad heart.
      Adebisi: What can I say? I'm a bad-heart motherfucker.

    • (in the libaray)
      Adebisi: Hello, Kareem.
      Ryan: Guess you heard what happened to Schibetta.
      Said: Oh, yes. Now that was unusual. The man was hemorraghing throughout his body. Now I wonder what caused that?
      Ryan: Bad diet?
      Adebisi: Too much garlic?

    • Augustus Hill: (narrating) We all got problems. Impossible problems. And then we meet someone who's got bigger problems than we have. Ot at least, they can't handle their problems as well. Sometimes, their weakness gives us strength.

    • Sister Pete: (to Augustus Hill) You know, maybe it's time you got yourself another hero. 'Cause, to be honest, the one you've got sucks.

    • ( a new inmate Dobbins is playing his cello)
      Hill: Who the fuck's that?
      Officer Wittlesey: Some hotshot highbrow cellist. I guess he's a hotshot 'cause McManus gave him permission to practice for an hour everyday, so I gotta stay in here and listen to him.
      Hill: What's he playing?
      Wittlesey: I don't know. I'm a Beck fan myself.

    • Augustus Hill: (narrating) "The best laid schemes of mice and men....". I don't get the mice part. Were the mice back in Burns' time smart enough to make a plan? We got mice in Oz but they don't seem too bright. It's the rats you gotta look out for. Our rats come in all shapes and sizes.

    • Officer Hunt: I killed a man who killed a man. I killed a man. Only maybe I didn't kill him 'cause they put blanks in one of the rifles so I can never know for sure if I killed him or not. Only maybe not knowing is worse than knowing. 'Cause at least if I knew...
      Officer Wittlesey: Eddie, go home. Sleep it off.
      Hunt: Sleep, yeah. Something tells me I'm not gonna sleep much tonight either.

    • (in Rebadow's cell)
      Alvarez: Yo, Rebadow, what are you doing in here all day?
      Rebadow: Hiding. Any word on Groves?
      Alvarez: Yeah, Dr. Nathan brought him back from the dead.
      Rebadow: A resurrection, huh?
      Alvarez: Yeah. They delayed execution for a couple of hours. You miss him, don't you?
      Rebadow: Groves? No. I've learned over the years not to make attachments. If you do, you spend all your time grieving.

    • (Groves took an overdose of pills)
      Nathan: We're losing him! Start CPR.
      Warden Glynn: Save that little prick.
      Dr Nathan: What's the difference? He's scheduled to die tomorrow anyway.
      Warden Glynn: The law says he has to be aware that he's being executed, he has to know why he's being executed. He has to be alive. So save him, save his Goddamn ass.

    • Officer Wood: Hi. I'm Officer Gordon Wood. Here to replace Vogelsang.
      Officer Wittlesey: Well, hi. Vogelsang is a good man but he can't control his temper. How long have you been working in Oz?
      Officer Wood: Three weeks.
      Officer Wittlesey: Veteran, huh? OK, you got questions, ask. It doesn't make you stupid. It may save both our lives.
      Officer Wood: I hear you. Is that Kareem Said?
      Officer Wittlesey: Yep, in the flesh.
      Officer Wood: He don't look so tough.
      Officer Wittlesey: Yeah, well, looks are deceiving.

    • (in the hospital)
      Warden Glynn: Gloria, you wanted to see me?
      Dr Nathan: Yes. You're done. Look around. We've got a bumper crop of officer-related injuries.
      Warden Glynn: O'Reily, what happened?
      Ryan: He hit me. I wasn't doing dick, I swear. Just ups and hits me.
      Warden Glynn: Who?
      Ryan: Yeah, right. I tell you and next time I get it worse.
      Dr Nathan: Leo, look, since Smith's murder, this ER's sro. I'm telling you, your officers are out of control. You gotta do something.
      Warden Glynn: I know, I know. I know.
      Dr Nathan: You know?

    • Glynn: Groves, you have been condemned to die for the murder of Officer Smith. The state gives you the right to choose any method you wish to die.
      Groves: I shouldn't even be talking to you. You should be dead. You were the one that was supposed to die.
      Glynn: How do you want to die, Groves? Lethal injection, electric chair?
      Groves: Firing squad.
      Glynn: Firing squad?
      Groves: Isn't that what they do to assasins?
      Glynn: Fine. I'm going to personally paint the target on your heart.

    • Officer Wittlesey: Listen up, here are some new rules from the Warden. As of today, no inmate will be allowed to use prayer beads, prayer mats, or special oils for religious or other purposes. Inmates will no longer be allowed to wear similar clothing or head apparel, identifying them as any group, gang, or cult.
      (Said holds back another Muslim ready to charge Wittlesey)Said: No! No! Now, you do realize this is a violation of our right to freely practice our religion?
      Officer Wittlesey: You can practice all you want. Pray 'til the cows come home. The Constitution does not guarantee that you, as a prisoner, have the right to any stuff.
      Said: Easy.
      Officer Wittlesey: You're gonna have to hand it over. Look, this can go one of two ways. I vote for no blood.

    • (after Said's press conference)
      Glynn: Your little television show got everybody's attention, but it was your last performance. I'm ordering a press blackout.
      Said: Warden, can't you see? Now, why is blackout a big, bad thing? You get whiteout in a little bottle.
      McManus: Don't be smug. Don't you be smug with me, you son of a bitch. From the first day you got here, you have tried to destroy everything that I've built and everything that I stand for.
      Said: That is pride. I know that well.

    • Mershaw: (to Said) You know something? Kareem, you're supposed to be an Imam. Teach. And all you taught me was that your God is full of hate and vengeance, so you better watch out, ok? Cause he could turn on you like he turned on me.

    • Tim McManus: Gentlemen, I can't put you all in the hole, 'cause the hole is full right now and I can't transfer you all out of Em City because all the cells in Oz happen to be full too. But, what I can do is take away your privileges. No TV, no gym, no phone calls for one month.
      Alvarez: Gee! Dad, I hope I can still make it to the prom?

    • Mershaw: Adebisi, Adebisi, Adebisi. Yo, my African brother. How you doing? Gotta talk to you.
      Adebisi: Talk about what?
      Mershaw: It's about Said, man. You know, he's responsible for the death of Jefferson Keane.
      Adebisi: Jefferson Keane? Ancient history, baby.
      Mershaw: Look, Said got to die.
      Adebisi: I know what's going on, holy boy. I know they turned their backs on you. And you, you think because we the same color skin, we have some connection. Go, go, little man, go. Try the man next door.

    • Said: Huseni Mershaw, you saw that I was dying and yet you walked away. You wanted me to die?
      Mershaw: No, Kareem, come on, bro. I would never.....
      Said: (to Muslim members) This man is not our brother. He is our enemy. As of this moment, this man is cast out. No Muslim will speak to him, look him in eye, or acknowledge him. You wanted the death of another? Right now you're dead to us all.

    • Augustus Hill: (narrating) People do terrible things to people. That's why we got so many prisons in the world. People rape other people. They rob and beat and cheat other people. But the worst crime of all, is betrayal. And there ain't no jail terms for that.

    • (Said wakes up in the hospital)
      Alvarez: Hey, hey, look who's alive. You know, Said, I gotta tell you, odds were 60-40 you were worm's meat.

    • Hill: (narrating) The best laid schemes of mice and men often go astray. That was written by Mr. Robert Burns way the fuck back in 1785 and it still is news. In Oz, we got all sorts of schemes to change our lousy, lonely lives. But no matter how much we plot and plan, something outside of our control always comes along and fuck things up.

    • (after stating his respect for Minister Said)
      Groves: A salami, I like 'em.

    • Said: That is pride. I know that well. McManus, you give yourself far too much importance. You see, because, this thing's larger than you. It's larger than me. So go ahead. Take the media away. Give us a blackout. Censor our letters. Tape our mouths shut. There will always be a man to tell the truth. The truth will be heard. May I go now? 'Cause it is time for me to pray.

    • Said: Warden, can't you see? Now, why is blackout a big, bad thing? You get whiteout in a little bottle.

    • Hill: (narrating) You wanna kill a man? Stick a shank in his chest. You wanna torture a man? Feed his loneliness. Fiend him from friendship, from peace, he will search everywhere. And when he realizes he won't find it, he will destroy himself.

  • NOTES (1)

    • Crime Flashbacks:

      Groves kills his parents with a ball peen hammer so he can turn the channel to cartoons.

      Dobbins stabs a student in the neck.


    • Augustus Hill: "The best laid schemes of mice and men often go astray". That was written by Mr. Robert Burns way the fuck back in 1785 and it still is news.

      This is in reference to the poet and songwriter. He was widely regarded as the national poet of Scotland, and the most popular in his time. He is regarded as a pioneer of the Romantic movement and after his death became an important source of inspiration to the founders of both liberalism and socialism.

    • Hill: Who the fuck's that?
      Officer Wittlesey: Some hotshot highbrow cellist. I guess he's a hotshot 'cause McManus gave him permission to practice for an hour everyday, so I gotta stay in here and listen to him.
      Hill: What's he playing?
      Wittlesey: I don't know. I'm a Beck fan myself.

      This is in reference to the pop/rock musician/songwriter.

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