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  • The first HBO original drama series is one of the most masterfully written television shows of all time. The cast of characters numbers in the dozens over the show's 6 season run. A raw, uncensored look into prison life is finally presented. Enjoy!

    Oz is a show that I had been watching since it's original run began a decade ago. Underappreciated is just the tip of the iceberg to describe it (I would say it is near #1 on my top ten list to boot). It is definitely ahead of it's time as the magic trifecta of writing, acting, and production combine to envelop the viewer in a world without the imposed moral restrictions broadcast censors invoke (which is why it can still beat most television dramas to this day in believability/realism). Those of us who have been following the show and collecting the six DVD sets over a lengthy release span of 5 years also appreciate the show's rewatchability value as I could personally view the entire series at any time and at any point (Season 4 is a lovely gem for it's double-length) enjoying a glimpse this world provides into the life of Oswald State Penitentiary. If you can handle it, I suggest you at least rent it because it is a real treat. Tom Fontana should have been deified for the show's unpredictably and constant feeling of not knowing what is going to happen next. The music score is perfectly matched and never gets redundant like most television series soundtracks tend to be. The violence is believable to a point where you can swear you could feel the pain of the shank going in. As stated before... enjoy at your own risk... it tends to be addicting. - Johnny Promoshot 0709.13