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  • Oz. It's no place like home.

    I first got into Oz a few months ago and was amazed at what saw in the show. I puchased the DVDs and I am currently up to season 2. OZ had to be shown on HBO due to it's extreme content which was and still is obviously too much for network television. The episodes ran uninterrupted by commercials and ran almost a full hour each to fit in a lot in each episode. I appreciate the short length of the seasons so far as it stops the show from getting reptitive. But the fact is that I'm finding the show so good that I can't see any signs of it getting repetitive. It may hapen a bit in season six but hopefuly not to a large extent.

    The casting for the show is magnificent. Even the more youthful actors perfectly play their roles especially Kirk Acevedo who plays Miguel Alvarez and J.D. Williams who plays the role of Kenny Wangler. Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje flawlessly brings Simon Adebisi to life in a devastating and believable way. Lee Tergesen is so good that Tobias Beecher couldn't be played by anyone else. Kareem Said is well played by Eamonn Walker. The rest of the cast are all just as good.

    The storylines are rich and powerful and by the end of season one everyone should get the idea that OZ is not for the faint of heart. Endings to these storylines are almost never happy endings which adds to the gritty realisim of the show. Happy endings happen to some but rarely because after something good happens to a character there is always something sinister around the corner.

    No characters are flawless. This fact is most evident in the man who manages Emerald City Tim McManus. Viewers will most probably never mind this fact because the most likeable characters in OZ are murderers. So if you have a taste for hard hitting drama and you are found of prison shows then OZ will easily pull you in from the first episode. Kudos.