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  • an incredible show

    it I finally bought the series "Oz" on dvd. I'd heard about about it for many years, but I figgured that was just hype! I was wrong. The show was amazing, especially in the way the show was unafraid to show what went on in that prison. The charactrer I was especially drawn to was Tobias Beecher. He was the average joe stuck in the middle of all this craziness. Season one was good in how they protrayed him, but after season two I couldn't take my eyes off of him. He seems to have gone crazy just to survive, but then enters Chris Keller. Not only did he bring Toias back to some from of normalicy, he took him to the edge of distruction. After that, I just wanted to see what would happen next to them. As a gay man, I musrt say that this was one of the most honest and unflinching portrayal of a gay couple I have seen on tv. The way the writers of the series went about showing them together and the lengths they went to be together was amazing. I wasn't even disappointed in that you didn't see them get it on unlike the way they showed the heterosexual sex. It was unneeded. The chemistry between the two actors and they way they constantly showed them watching each other no matter what went on between them showed more that any sex scene could do. And for the ending between them was as satisfying as the rest of the relationship. I mean the way Chris Keller went after Beecher, it was only a matter of time before one of them died, and I could believe that Keller would kill himself in a way to get back at Beecher for his final rebuffing of him. To be honest, I couldn't see Keller wanting to live without Beecher loving him.
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