Season 6 Episode 3

Sonata de Oz

Aired Monday 11:00 PM Jan 19, 2003 on HBO

Episode Recap

Beecher and Keller kiss as Lopresti tells them to knock it off. Keller is clearly upset that Beecher is leaving him, but tries to be happy and asks that Beecher never forget him. After more petting, Lopresti starts in again and Keller jumps him, leading to a beating. While Beecher is packing, Yood tells him bye and passes on that Winthrop killed his father on Vern's orders, and that the best way for revenge is to kill Mayor Leowen, as he's Vern's father figure. Beecher considers the offer and is later seen bidding farewell to Said and Sister Pete. He is finally, finally free.

Meanwhile, Leowen tells Vern he has been a total failure in prison and is worthless in every way.Oh, snap! Devlin is next on his hit list, as he promises to tell all of "Jimmy's" dirty little secrets the next day if Devlin doesn't get him released. That night, the infirmary guard is distracted long enough to enable a prisoner to race into the private room and slit Lowen's throat. He won't be talking ever again, and the viewer is left to choose between Vern, Beecher, or Devlin (who all look pretty guilty) as the ringleader.

While continuing his library duties, a thrilled Rebadow learns from Stella that she has no steady boyfriend. Stella begins to tutor a teen prisoner who used a Henry James book to beat his cellmate over the head. Norma asks to see Rebadow (Miguel wants in on the action as well) and swears that if Busmalis doesn't come to see her on the next visit, she won't return. Rebadow pleads with Busmalis to change his mind.

Cutler protects his new bitch Robson (clad in a lovely scarf, earrings, and makeup) from a beating by Pancamo. Chivalry's not dead after all. As long as he promises to stop goading the Aryans, Glynn decides to give Pancamo and the Sicilians the kitchen again, due to Redding taking all his guys into another venture.

Penders and Omar are back in solitary while Martinez is worse than ever. Guerra refuses to kill the ill Martinez, incurring the wrath of Morales. Martinez dies within a few days; Gloria fires the nurse who didn't hear a code and warns Glynn that she will be doing an autopsy and releasing the results publicly. As damage control, Glynn spills the beans about solitary in a press conference. Meanwhile, Brass swears that Martinez gave him a deathbed confession implicating Morales as the one who paid him to slash Brass' tendons. Brass, Howell, and even Murphy corner Morales in a solitary cell and gleefully slash his Achilles' tendons, crippling him.

Hoyt cries to Father Ray that he has seen the devil everywhere since Kirk died. Ray's offer of assistance to him arouses Pete's suspicion regarding Ray's motives. He later visits with Kirk's mother and tries to comfort her as she confesses to no longer loving her son by the time of his death.

Cyril's session with Pete turns violent when she asks him to give up Jericho the sock puppet. Pete diagnoses him as suffereing from severe depression and schizophrenia. That night as he screams for his handwarmer pal, Lopresti turns the hoses on him. Devlin, Eleanor and Glynn plot to offset public criticism of executing a mentally handicapped person by giving Cyril electroshock therapy to make him more normal. The family and Pete have no choice, and Pete realizes she has nothing left to give anyway. Making a bad situation worse, the court denies Cyril's appeal. Pete tries and fails to make Ryan accept Cyril's impending death, as Suzanne comforts Cyril during his painful ECT aftereffects.

Burr's homeboys reluctantly go along with his plan to make them legitimate, even as Burr himself begins to doubt the good intentions of the telemarketer sharks and politicos they will be working for. When Said learns that Hill's book is deemed unpublishable due to various lawsuits and money claims from Hill's wife and the family of the cop Hill killed years earlier, Said decides to form his own book-binding business in Oz. He gets the go-ahead and both he and the Muslims feel rejuvenated. Unfortunately, when he is visited by a man claiming to be a magazine reporter, the stranger pulls out a gun and pumps two bullets into Said's chest.