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Season 1 Episode 5

Straight Life

Aired Monday 11:00 PM Aug 04, 1997 on HBO
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Episode Summary

McManus attempts to slow the grug trade but only succeeds in getting an officer fired and an inmate killed. A new inmate has a connection to Officer Whittlesey. Said is diagnosed with hypertension but refuses medication. Beecher spirals further into addiction

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    Ernie Hudson

    Ernie Hudson

    Warden Leo Glynn

    Rita Moreno

    Rita Moreno

    Sister Peter Marie Reimondo

    J.K. Simmons

    J.K. Simmons

    Vernon Schillinger

    BD Wong

    BD Wong

    Father Ray Mukada

    Lauren Velez

    Lauren Velez

    Dr. Gloria Nathan

    Dean Winters

    Dean Winters

    Ryan O'Reily

    Richard Hamilton

    Richard Hamilton

    Whitney Munson

    Guest Star

    Brian Tarantina

    Brian Tarantina

    Ronald Poklewaldt

    Guest Star

    Kathleen Widdoes

    Kathleen Widdoes

    Beecher's Mother

    Guest Star

    Stephen Gevedon

    Stephen Gevedon

    Scott Ross

    Recurring Role

    Zeljko Ivanek

    Zeljko Ivanek

    Governor James Devlin

    Recurring Role

    James Palacio

    James Palacio

    Fiona Zonioni

    Recurring Role

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (3)

      • Towards the end of the episode when Alvarez is tripping, he "talks" to his baby. He says "te voy a protectar" which is meant to mean "I'm going to protect you" but protectar is not a word - he means proteger.

      • Prisoners featured

        Ronald Poklewaldt convicted March 8th 1994 arson in the 2nd degree. Sentence: 25 years, up for parole in 10. (prisoner # 94P442)

        Whitney Munson convicted March 2nd 1945 murder in the 1st degree, criminal possession of a controlled substance. Sentence: 110 years, up for parole in 60. (prisoner # 45M242)

        Scott Ross convicted June 4th 1997, possession of marijuana with intent to distribute. Sentence: It was his third conviction so he received life without parole. (prisoner # 97R518)

      • The following Italian prisoners are moved from Emerald City to the General Population: 88P715, Ottovino. 91J224, Jenbro. 85P661, Pellicano. 94R511, Ricatta.

    • QUOTES (33)

      • Ryan: (while talking to a CO about bringing him more tits) What can I say? We go braless in Em City.

      • Ryan: I've never been big on tomatoes.
        Schibetta: You Irish, you got no appreciation for the simple things in life.
        Ryan: What's simpler than a potato?

      • Adebisi: O'Reily.
        Ryan: Yeah?
        Adebisi: Go see Schiabetta.
        Ryan:Since when are you his Western Union?
        Adebisi: Since we partners.
        Adebisi: Yeah.
        Ryan: You're the monkey chained to his organ grinder.
        Adebisi: Better watch that pretty little ass. (Adebisi slaps Ryan's butt)
        Ryan: No need. You're too busy watching it for me.

      • Augustus Hill: I ain't saying drugs are good. But when your past is past and your present sucks and your future holds nothing but broken promises and dead dreams, the drugs kill the pain. Listen up, America. You ain't ever gonna get rid of drugs until you cure the pain.

      • Sister Pete: The idea here is for us in a small group to talk about ourselves, our feelings, our addictions, in the hope that we can find the cause.
        Poklewaldt: I know the cause. I like the shit.

      • (In the chapel)
        Sister Pete: Hello, Tobias. Come on in, sit down. Okay, we've got a new member of our group, Tobias Beecher. I think you know Augustus and Ron from Em City and that's John and Bill and Whitney Munson.
        Munson: Beecher? I knew a Beecher. Cyrus. Are you any relation?
        Beecher: No
        Munson: Good, the man was a cocksucker.

      • McManus: On the outside, Beecher had a history of alcohol abuse.
        Sister Pete: Oh, I know. How pathetic is that? The man gets jailed for one addiction and we watch him get hooked on another.

      • (Beecher goes to Sister Pete's office after getting high)
        Sister Pete: (has makeup on) What? A nun can't look beautiful? Tobias, are you all right?
        Beecher: Sure.
        Sister Pete: You think I'm blind? I'm a drug counselor, for God's sake. If I can't spot the signs, I might as well tear up my license.
        Beecher: I don't know what you're talking about.
        Sister Pete: Listen, I know how hideous life is in Oz, especially for a man like you with no streets skills, no preparation for the reality of it all but, Tobias, Tobias, drugs are not the answer. They only make the questions more difficult. I want you to start coming to counseling sessions.

      • Augustus Hill: (narrating) You take a drug, right. The chemicals, they rush through your body, rush through your brain. And the sensations, you want the sensations again and again and again. But let me tell you, you can also get addicted to grief, to guilt, to hate. Cause, when you feel dead inside, even bad sensations make you feel like you're alive.

      • Schibetta: (to Adebesi) How do you keep that hat on your head, velcro?

      • (After Officer Healy was caught dealing drugs)
        Healy: I gave this place everything I had.
        Glynn: And then you decided to take everything you could. Look, I know working here is no paradise, but you swore an oath and you broke that oath! I got no sympathy for you

      • Rebadow: I'm sorry that you're ill.
        Said: And who told you that I was ill?
        Rebadow: God.
        Said: Oh, yes. You talk to God.
        Rebadow: When he's in town

      • Dr Prestopnick: I'm going to prescribe Zoltanolin.
        Said: What are the side effects?
        Dr Prestopnick: Low heartbeat, lightheadedness if you stand up too quickly.
        Said: That's won't do. Daily I kneel and I pray to Mecca. What else do you have?
        Dr Prestopnick: Callum. Constipation, nausea, dizziness.
        Said: No. My mind must function clearly.
        Dr Prestopnick: All drugs have side effects.
        Said: Well, perhaps that's God's way of telling us we shouldn't be taking them.
        Dr Prestopnick: Either you taking something, or you'll die.
        Said: Believe me, Doctor, I have no intention of dying

      • Dr Prestopnick: I got the final results back from your tests. You're suffering from hypertension.
        Said: The curse of my people.
        Dr Prestopnick: African Americans are genetically predisposed to the condition.
        Said: No, Doctor, it's not genetics. High blood pressure is caused by racism.
        Dr Prestopnick: There are some studies out suggesting a link between racial discrimination and hypertension, but the data is inconclusive.
        Said: Well, it may be inconclusive to the scientists, but I know that it's a fact. Men of color in the working class have a higher blood pressure than whites, or even black professionals. Why? Because we are forced to accept unfair treatment, Doctor.
        Dr Prestopnick: I'm not really interested in the politics. Said, I care about your health.

      • Ross: Diane, I'm not asking for any special favors but we've known each other for a long time.
        Wittlesey: Have we? I was married to Glen for four fun filled years. During that time, you were finishing up a six year sentence. We were on the road together maybe five months.
        Ross: They were a great five months.
        Wittlesey: All you did was come on to me. If Glen hadn't been so fucked up on coke, he'd have noticed.
        Ross: I was a man in love. I still am.
        Wittlesey: Oh, please. Save it for the shower room

      • Wittlesey: Wait here.
        Mack: Sure.
        Ross: Since when you been working Oz?
        Wittlesey: About six months.
        Ross: This is great.
        Wittlesey: No, no it's not.
        Ross: Always dreamed of you having me in cuffs.
        Wittlesey: Look, just because we knew each other in a former life, doesn't mean you're getting any special treatment.
        Ross: I love it when you play tough.

      • McManus: You know what, I got an idea. Tonight after work you come to my place.
        Officer Wittlesey: I can't, I gotta drive home. Mom says Didi's been acting up.
        McManus: I wanna meet your daughter. Why don't you bring her into town, three of us will go to dinner?
        Officer Wittlesey: And then what'll I do with her? This isn't exactly a take your daughter to work kind of place.

      • McManus: I love you, Diane.
        Wittlesey: Do you?
        McManus: No, you're supposed to say I love you too, Tim.

      • Augustus Hill: (narrating) I don't have to tell you, drugs ain't the only things to get addicted to. Some people mainline their work, some people snort ESPN, some people needle pop and gambling. There are those that shoot up junk food, fine wine, cohibas, baby. Some people get hooked on love. And like any fiend on the street, you always need another bump. Just one more bump, man, just one more bump.

      • (Groves gives Alvarez a stamp)
        Groves: Here.
        Alvarez: I don't wanna write anybody a fucking letter. I wanna get fucking high.
        Groves: You lick the back.
        Alvarez: Lick the back?
        Groves: It's liquid LSD.
        Alvarez: Groves, this gives stamp collecting a whole new meaning, baby.

      • Alvarez: Man, I fucking hate lockdowns. I mean getting trapped in this fucking fishbowl, man, I start fiending for some fucking tits. You a tit boy, Groves?
        Groves: Drugs are bad.
        Alvarez: Bullshit. Man, you had to be fucked up when you ate your mother.
        Groves: Mom told me that drugs were bad.
        Alvarez: Right! I bet you were a good little boy, right? Did everything your mama told you to.
        Groves: I like your scars.
        Alvarez: Now I know why McManus put us in the same cell together. You're the only motherfucker in Em City more fucked up than I am.

      • Nino Schibetta: I always thought Keane and Markstrom were holding you back. From the get-go, you were a guy that sees how the world gets made. Adebisi, ends in "i". Sure you're not Italian?
        Adebisi: Schibetta ends in "a". Maybe you African.

      • Poklewaldt: Man, who woulda thought Markstrom was a cop?
        Ryan: Makes you sick, don't it?
        Poklewaldt: Yeah.
        Ryan: Makes you wonder who else is under cover.
        Poklewaldt: Could be anybody.
        Ryan: Could be you.
        Poklewaldt: Or, it could be you.

      • (Glynn and McManus find Markstrom hanging in the gym)
        Warden Glynn: Fuck! Cut him down.
        McManus: Markstrom didn't strike me as the suicide type.
        Warden Glynn: He wasn't.
        McManus: I'm sorry, Leo.
        Warden Glynn: For what?
        McManus: He was your cousin.
        Warden Glynn: He's not my cousin.
        McManus: What are you talking about? That's what you told me when he came in. That's why you wanted him in Em City.
        Warden Glynn: He's not my cousin. He's a narc, an undercover cop.

      • Augustus Hill: (narrating) Secrets. We all got secrets. Mostly our secrets are tied to our addictions, our obsessions. You like that bourbon too much? You get off eating chicks with dicks. You gotta do it in hiding. You say you somebody but you really somebody else. Only thing that matter to us most, do we keep a secret? And sometimes, those secrets will kill you.

      • Ryan: Get lost, punk. You aren't squeezing my tits anymore. You never pay.
        Poklewaldt: No, no, no, that's not why I'm here. Markstrom and his crew, how they getting their shit into Oz?
        Ryan: What're you doing? You doing market research now?

      • Adebisi: Hey.
        PoklewaldtHey, don't youch me.
        (Officer Wittlesey looks at them)
        Wangler: Oh, so you're hiding behind the bitch's skirt now, huh?
        Poklewaldt: You hurt me, she'll see you.
        Adebisi: I just want my money.
        Poklewaldt: Next week I'm getting a check.
        Adebisi: You said that last week.
        Poklewaldt: I know, I know, but I can't be held responsible for the U.S. mail.

      • Augustus Hill: (narrating) Tits, that's what we call drugs. 60% of the violence in prison is due to tits. Either people no paying thier debts or people trying to control the traffic. The traffic. Here in OZ, the last few days has been bumper to bumper.

      • Kareem Said: Sister, we both believe in a greater power. His will be done.
        Sister Pete: His will or yours?
        McManus: Yeah, well, in my experience, God isn't too helpful unless you give him a little nudge.

      • (In a conference room)
        McManus: Sorry I'm late.
        Warden Glenn: If you ever got here on time McManus, I think I'd have a heart attack.

      • McManus: Your officers are doing a shit job. The whole concept behind Emerald City is that you never take your eyes off anyone.
        Officer Wittlesey: We don't.
        McManus: Well, then how do you explain Beecher getting a swastika burned onto his ass or Miguel Alvarez cutting his face all up or inmates using classrooms to snort fucking heroin?
        Officer Wittlesey: It's life, Tim. Shit slides through. If you don't like the way I run things, replace me.
        McManus: You know I'm not gonna do that, Diane.
        Officer Wittlesey: Why? Cause we're fucking each other?

      • (O'Reily is in the hole for a month. He is coming off of heroin, going through detox).
        O'Reily: (running around frantically, crying, screaming, hitting the walls) Let me out of here!!!!!
        ... one month later ...
        Hunt: Time's up.
        O'Reily: Piece of cake.

      • (after finding out old friend Scott Ross is in Em City, Vern walks up to him and grabs his crotch)
        Schillinger: Hey.
        Scott (smirking): I'll give you ten minutes to take your hand off my dick. (Schillinger starts laughing) Schillinger, you fuck.
        Schillinger: Scotty, how long you in for?
        Scott Ross: Life.
        Schillinger: Oh, man.
        Scott Ross: What?

    • NOTES (3)

      • Jefferson Keane (Leon) has been permanently removed from the opening credits following the character's death in the previous episode.

      • This is the first episode where prisoners stay in the Hole naked, a part of the show which would eventually become infamous.

      • Crime Flashbacks:

        Ronald Poklewaldt waits until everyone has left the firehouse, strolls inside, and sets a blaze.

        Scott Ross is arrested by cops in the middle of a drug deal.

        Whitney Munson strangles a prostitute during an opium haze.

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