Season 2 Episode 6

Strange Bedfellows

Aired Monday 11:00 PM Aug 17, 1998 on HBO

Episode Recap

To the shock of everyone (including their followers), Said represents Vern at his trial. McManus and Diane lie at the deposition, when details about how Scott Ross died are brought up. Said gives up, and tells Vern that his case is a loss cause but Vern is convinced that he deliberately sabotaged the case.

Shirley has a secret pen-pal in Adebisi, and they pass notes to each other through the food trays.

Burrano informs Schibetta that he will be replaced as the Italians leader if Adebisi isn't killed. Pancamo and Schibetta attack Adebisi in the kitchen but he manages to knock them both unconscious and he rapes Schibetta. In the hospital Schibetta refuses to name his raptist and Burrano informs him that he has been replaced as the Italians leader.

The inmates watch Poet accepting an award on tv.

Fed up with Miguel's passiveness as a leader, the Latinos welcome new arrival Raoul Hernandez aka El Cid as their leader. He immediately rejects Miguel claiming that he is too white to be latino.

New inmate Jiggy Walker arrives in Em City, and tells everyone that he was Gov Devlin's personal cocaine dealer. Said sees use the information as a way to embarrass Devlin and he arranges a press conference where Devlin shows factual proof (drug tests etc) that he has never met Jiggy Walker before nor has he ever purchased drugs from him. When Said confronts Jiggy, with the lie he simple states that he was trying to build his rep. Walker is transferred to gen pop, and Gov Devlin, feels happy that he was finally able to prove an accusation against him was false.

Sister Pete concludes that Ron Bebe, the man William Giles was sent to solitary for killing, murdered her husband. Giles confirms it, but doesn't know why Bebe killed him. Unable to get him out of solitary, Pete gives him the perfect present instead.

Ryan tries to get marijuana for medicinal purposes and when his Shannon visits him in the hospital he tells her that he wants a divorce. Gloria confronts Ryan when she learns Cyril killed her husband. Cyril arrives in Oz.

Keller schemes to get Beecher back on the bottle, unsuccessfully at first, since Beecher claims that he has been sober for so long. Beecher tells Sister Pete that he has fallen in love. Keller convinces him to see his kids, when Beecher returns he finds Keller in the laundry room, drunk after learning of an ex-wife's remarriage. After mutual declarations of love, they kiss, and when CO breaks them up Keller hits him and is sent to the hole.

Later, in his room alone, a devastated Beecher drinks the bottle of vodka.
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