Season 2 Episode 6

Strange Bedfellows

Aired Monday 11:00 PM Aug 17, 1998 on HBO

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  • A classic episode of Oz.

    As all episodes go, it follows a theme. In the opening Hill tells us that instead of saying, "You made your bed, now sleep in it," the saying should be, "You laid in your bed, now make it....meaning you gotta be responsible for your actions. And in this episode, everybody claims some responsibility for that.

    Schillinger gets Said to go on his behalf into the murder of Scott Ross to make the conspiracy to commit murder go away. Because of his feelings for Wittlesey, McManus lies for her, something that goes against everything he believes in. Said is convinced that Schillinger is a liar, and proves to the entire prison by dumping him that he ain't no jailhouse lawyer.

    Shirley Bellinger on death row, despite being on opposite sides of the bars, gives Wittlesey some comfort in her own way.

    Meanwhile, there is hell to pay on the drug trade war. Peter Schibetta gets news that if Adebisi ain't taken care of, he's out. So, Peter makes one last move to get his cred back....a scene that ends with without a doubt one of the most repulsive, horrific, shocking, but nevertheless compelling moments in the history of Oz - Adebisi raping him. Thus the Italians lose the trade, and the gangsters cement their authority in Oz. They refuse to share with the Latinos, and when Alvarez pussies out on making a move on him, El Norte begins to doubt his leadership. But that all changes once Raoul Hernandez enters Oz. With his street cred and leadership skills, Alvarez will find himself in hot water...

    Rebadow and Busmalis continue to dig their way out of Oz, but the whole prison is in an uproar over the arrival of new inmate Jiggy Walker (played by LL Cool J, ladies and gents), who claims he sold drugs to the governor. Said and McManus both allow him to go public with it, as both of them would love to see Devlin fall off, but unfortunately it turns out that Walker was lying. Thus, he is dropkicked into gen pop and Devlin's influence may just have benefited from this incident...

    Sister Pete, meanwhile, has just found out what Giles has been trying to tell her - that he murdered the man who killed her husband. She thanks him in the only way she knows how, them being not only on opposite sides of the bars, but also of sanity. And so begins their relationship that transcends sanity...

    O'Reily, meanwhile, has got hell to pay himself. His slow brother Cyril has gotten arrested for the murder that he ordered. He's coming to Oz, but all the same he has lost Dr. Nathan's respect forever, much less her love. And thus Cyril enters the gates of Oz, and so begins their tumultous relationship that will go on for the rest of the series...

    But at least someone's lucky in love - Beecher and his cellie Keller. This storyline contains another classic scene of Oz - their first kiss, and first declaration of love, but not all is what it seems, as Keller and Schillinger continue their plot, which seems to only get thicker as Keller is sent to the hole, leaving Beecher in lonely despair and longing for another love to replace Keller - the moonshine he left behind.....and the lights shut out as Hill says, "Good night, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite."

    All in all, this episode was a classic gem in the history of Oz. It was a pivotal episode for both O'Reily and Beecher, while also demonstrating why Adebisi is such a horrifying beast; reminding us in brutal fashion what Oz is about. The arrival of Hernandez is also the beggining of what will turn out to be Alvarez's face-off with the reality of his situation. Many people felt that LL Cool J's appearance was unnecessary, but it was part of the show. Once again, awesome acting, and all in all the episode is very haunting, as this was indeed an episode that made you want to stay out of prison. Fantastic, one of the best in the history of the series.