Season 2 Episode 6

Strange Bedfellows

Aired Monday 11:00 PM Aug 17, 1998 on HBO



  • Trivia

    • Prisoners featured

      Raoul Hernandez aka El Cid was convicted July 10, 1998, murder in the second degree. Sentence: 36 years. Up for parole in 20. (prisoner # 98H498)

      Jiggy Walker was convicted July 12 1998, murder in the 2nd degree. Sentence 28 years, up for parole in 20. (prisoner # 98W504)

      Cyril O'Reily convicted July 1st 1998, murder in the 1st degree. Sentence life, up for parole in 60 years. (prisoner # 98P284)

    • Throughout the series, Cyril and Ryan's last name is spelled O'Reily, but when Cyril is showing having his mugshot taken, his last name is listed as O'Reilly.

    • During Hernandez's crime flashback, his hands change position when he is holding the metal pole.

    • During Hernandez's crime flashback, he is smoking a cigarette with his right hand but in the next shot he is holding it with his left hand.

  • Quotes

    • Jiggy Walker (Said asks why he did what he did): Man, my first prison stay was over at Lardner. Eighteen years, I was seventeen. My family came to visit me regular and LaTanya, my fiancee, and my friends. They all came the first year. Then LaTanya married Beau, so she stopped coming, stopped showing up. Then Rodney didn't come no more, then my cousin Scat, my sister, my dad, he died. Year five, it was just me and my mama. Then they put her in an old folks' home. Six years in, I had no visiting days. I had no one come to see if I was still breathing. So I said, hey, get on TV, become a superstar, maybe they'd come for longer. Maybe they wouldn't forget about me. Fight the power, baby. Little hostile.

    • Beecher: Come here.....Get the fuck over here.(Walks over to Keller and puts his hands on his shoulders) I love you.
      Keller: I love you, Toby.(they kiss)

    • Keller: Remember I told you I got married three times? Four times if you count Bonnie, who I married twice.
      Beecher: Uh huh, and why did you get married so often?
      Keller: Call me old-fashioned. Before I fuck them, I marry them.

    • Beecher: Two men shouldn't love each other. They can't feel the same things a man and a woman feel. I mean, if a guy has a lot of bad shit happen to him and another guy comforts him, I mean, that's all it is, right? I mean, that's not love, right?
      Sister Pete: Well, some of the men here are homosexual and some need sex...
      Beecher: I'm not talking about sex I'm talking about love. I had sex with Schillinger it was brutal, hardly loving. This is different.
      Sister Pete: Tobias, are you in love with another man?
      Beecher: I think so, yeah.

    • Hill: (narrating) Life is no bed of roses. Then again, which of us wants to sleep on a bed of roses? You never get any rest. Any time you toss and turn, you get another thorn.

    • Ryan: Hey, Gloria, you're back.
      Dr Nathan: I became a doctor to help people. Now, I know that that sounds like a cliche, it sounds naive, but it's true. I could have a fancy practice anywhere, but instead I chose to work in Oz. I saved your life, O'Reily, and in return, you destroyed mine.
      McManus: Your brother Cyril confessed.
      Ryan: Shit.

    • Ryan: I saw on Tv that pot helps beat the after effects of chemo.
      Dr Ferstopnick: Yeah.
      Ryan: So, what do you say, wanna hook me up?
      Dr Ferstopnick: You want me to give you marijuana?
      Ryan: Yeah, for, what do you call it, medicinal purposes.
      Dr Ferstopnick: Nice try, kid.

    • Ryan: Hey, Dr. Ferstopnick, how you doing?
      Dr Ferstopnick: Oh, my backache's killing me, my house needs a new sewer system, my wife wants to spend our 30th wedding anniversary in the Virgin Islands. Talk about living in the past. Other than that, I'm hunky dory.

    • Glynn: ABC, NBC, CNN, they all want on camera interviews.
      McManus: Let them, let them all talk to Walker, all day, every day til Devlin resigns.
      Sister Pete: Come on, the Governor's not gonna give the media that kind of access.
      Glynn: On the contrary I just got off the phone with him. Devlin wants Walker to talk to the press. He wants full disclosure.
      McManus: (with a surprise look on his face) Well, I'll be fucked!

    • Alvarez: El Cid, it's an honor, man.
      Hernandez: You Latino?
      Alvarez: Si.
      Hernandez: They lied to you. You too fucking white to be a Latino. Get the fuck outta my face.

    • Alvarez: What's up, partner?
      Adebisi: Partners, eh?
      Alvarez: Yeah.
      Adebisi: You and me, we're fucking partners? I said you could help me kill the dago, you didn't do shit. Adebisi walks away)
      Guerra: Yo, man, you always let him diss you, man. You afraid of him, ese?
      Alvarez: Yo, fuck you. I ain't afraid of nobody.

    • Lenny Burrano: Pancamo and Schibetta were found unconscious, Schibetta's rectum bleeding, could've been raped.
      Glynn: What do you mean could've?
      Lenny Burrano: He says he doesn't know what happened. He won't talk about it.
      Glynn: No, he knows. He's too ashamed to admit he took one up the ass.

    • Hill: Look at Poet on tv.
      Wangler: In a fucking tux.

    • Lenny Burrano: Your father got fed ground glass over the course of months. Now, whoever did that, probably Adebisi, took the time because they knew that Nino was watching, Nino was smart.
      Peter Schibetta: And so because I got one quick shot of poison instead of ground glass, I'm not as good as Pop, right?
      Lenny Burrano: This is what they say, The family.
      Peter Schibetta: Christ! You tell 'em I'm gonna handle Adebisi. I'm gonna get my honor back by the end of the day. Either that fucking moolie or me is gonna be in a bodybag.

    • Said: You will be convicted of conspiracy to commit murder and you will be sentenced to ten more years.
      Schillinger: It might as well be life.

    • Officer Wittlesey: (to McManus) Can we just cut the shit? You are going to say you have a conscience, right, a moral code? Seepage in your cerebral cortex. Now, I am gonna say lie. If you love me, if you ever loved me, then lie.

    • Schillinger: You used me.
      Said: You used me. Life is balanced.

    • Busmalis: Uh-oh.
      Rebadow: What uh-oh?
      Busmalis: Water pipe. I almost busted it open. Imagine the geyser of water spouting up out of the floor.
      Rebadow: Busmalis, I'm beginning to have second thoughts about this excavation.
      Busmalis: Second thoughts? Well have I third thoughts.
      Rebadow: If we get caught...
      Busmalis: We're not gonna get caught.
      Rebadow: We have a hole the size of the Holland Tunnel in our cell, we're gonna get caught.
      Busmalis: Shh, she'll hear you.
      Rebadow: She? She who?
      Busmalis: The hole I treat every hole I dig like a lady. A very special lady. I never married, you know. I could never find a real woman who could satisfy me the way she does.
      Rebadow: Yeah, I bet there are a lot of women who are broken-hearted at losing you

    • Bellinger: Hello. Did you need something?
      Officer Wittlesey: No.
      Bellinger: I do. I need a friend.
      Officer Wittlesey: It ain't gonna be me.
      Bellinger: Of course. I'm a convicted murderer. You're not.
      Officer Wittlesey: Let me ask you something. Do you sleep at night?
      Bellinger: Yes.
      Officer Whittlesey: How is that possible, given what you did, that you sleep through the night?
      Bellinger: When people ask me about my daughter's death, I tell them it was an accident. But it wasn't an accident. It was what had to happen, it was what had to be. And so I sleep, I sleep good.

    • Glynn: Said is representing Vern Schillinger?
      McManus: Didn't Nostradamus predict this? Doesn't this mean we're two steps closer to the end of the fucking world?

    • Augustus: (narrating): "You made your bed, now lie in it". Anybody wanna tell me what the fuck that means? You're gonna go to the trouble of making up your bed, smoothing out the sheets, fluffing up the pillows, just to ruin it all by lying down. The phrase should be "You laid in you bed, now make it." Point being, you got to be responsible for your actions. Responsible.

    • O'Reily: McManus, you gotta see that I love her, man.
      McManus: Love? What the fuck do you know about love?
      O'Reily: Well, what do you know, huh? What do any of us?
      McManus: I know it's not a reason to commit murder.
      O'Reily: Yeah, well then, maybe you've never really been in love.

  • Notes

    • Crime Flashbacks

      "El Cid" Hernandez, violently drives a metal pole through a man's chest.

      Jiggy Walker kills a player at a poker table after Jiggy is caught hiding an ace in his pocket.

      Cyril O'Reily strangles Dr. Nathan's husband whilst hiding in the back seat of his car. In a later flashback, Cyril is confronted by police causing him to run into an alleyway where he is cornered off and arrested.

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