Season 2 Episode 6

Strange Bedfellows

Aired Monday 11:00 PM Aug 17, 1998 on HBO



  • Quotes

    • Busmalis: Uh-oh.
      Rebadow: What uh-oh?
      Busmalis: Water pipe. I almost busted it open. Imagine the geyser of water spouting up out of the floor.
      Rebadow: Busmalis, I'm beginning to have second thoughts about this excavation.
      Busmalis: Second thoughts? Well have I third thoughts.
      Rebadow: If we get caught...
      Busmalis: We're not gonna get caught.
      Rebadow: We have a hole the size of the Holland Tunnel in our cell, we're gonna get caught.
      Busmalis: Shh, she'll hear you.
      Rebadow: She? She who?
      Busmalis: The hole I treat every hole I dig like a lady. A very special lady. I never married, you know. I could never find a real woman who could satisfy me the way she does.
      Rebadow: Yeah, I bet there are a lot of women who are broken-hearted at losing you