Season 1 Episode 1

The Routine

Aired Monday 11:00 PM Jul 12, 1997 on HBO

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  • Extraordinary

    Wow. Just wow. This show has an extraordinary begining, a pilot that reveals from the start, his hard essence about the life in prison: brutal, dangerous, uncensored, animalic, it's another world, a jungle. But yet, with all this stuff that easily horrors you in a minute, it's also captivating you, without even know it. At the end, you want to see more.
    This episode it's unmercy (you'll see later, the other ones will make no exception) and reveals a part of what should you expect in the next stories. It brings you at a whole other level (personaly, I was awfully deep into the action) and shocks you when you don't expect it. You will not even sense how fast time passes as you watch it. It's incredible I tell you! Amazing episode, what can I say.