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  • Season 6 Episode 8: Exeunt Omnes

  • Lee Tergesen, J.K Simmons, George Morfogen and Dean Winters are the only cast members to appear in all 56 episodes.

    Ernie Hudson, Terry Kinney and Harold Perrineau appeared in all but one episode each. Hudson did not appear in "Exeunt Omnes" (Season 6, Episode 8); Kinney did not appear in "Bill of Wrongs" (Season 4, Episode 3); and Perrineau did not appear in "Variety" (Season 5, Episode 6).

    Tom Fontana wrote or co-wrote all 56 episodes of Oz.

  • Season 6 Episode 7: Junkyard Dawgs

  • Crime Flashbacks:

    The cops bust in during a drug party and catch Bukowski trying to hide his vast supply of marijuana.

    In a junkyard, Seamus O'Reily has a car dropped on an enemy.

    Outside a club, Alonzo Torquemada throws acid in the face of a drag queen (this is the final crime flashback).

  • Prisoners featured

    Stanley Bukowski, convicted January 16, 2003. Possession and Distribution of Illegal Substances. Sentence: 15 years, up for parole in 7. (prisoner # 03B563)

    Seamus O'Reily, convicted February 6, 2003. Murder in the First degree. Sentence: 34 years, up for parole in 16. (prisoner # 03P138)

    Alonzo Torquemada, convicted February 6, 2003. Assault in the first degree Sentence: 10 years, up for parole in 6. (prisoner # 03T323).

  • In this episode, Murphy implies that McManus is around 48 years old, but he can't be. In "A Game of Checkers" (the riot episode in the first season), McManus tells Said that he was 10 when the Attica prison riot happened. Attica happened in 1971, so when the Oz riot happened (1997), McManus had to be 36. Even with all the years that have passed in the series (1997-2003), McManus could never be around 48. His maximum age would have to be 42.

  • When Poet and crew are lamenting thier misfortune about not getting the proper brownie recipe from Bukowski before he was killed, you can see Alonzo Torquemada walking around in the background. This is in the first 7 minutes of the episode, but Torquemada doesn't even arrive at Oz until the last 20 minutes of that episode.

  • Season 6 Episode 6: A Day in the Death...

  • Father Mukada recites the 23rd Psalm from the King James Version of the Bible. This is an error; Roman Catholic clergy are permitted to use several different translations in their duties, but the KJV isn't one of them.

  • Prisoner featured

    Samuel Gougeon, convicted August 5th 1997. Manslaughter. Sentence: 19 years, up for parole in 10. (prisoner # 97G141)

  • Season 6 Episode 5: 4 Giveness

  • Crime Flashback:

    After getting high, Reginald Rawls and a friend ambush a Chinese food delivery man, hit him over the head with a cement block, and then rob him.

    Lemuel Idzik shoots Said dead in the visitor's area.

  • Prisoners featured

    Reginald Rawls, convicted January 10, 2001. Aggravated Assault. Sentence: 12 years, up for parole in 4. (prisoner # 01R394)

    Lemuel Idzik, convicted February 2, 2003. Murder in the 2nd Degree. Sentence: Life imprisonment without the possibility of parole. (prisoner # 03I462)

  • If you were involved with the murder of an important figure, like...I don't know...THE MAYOR, would you discuss the planning of that murder over a prison phone which can easily be tapped? If you would, would you do this 3 seconds after the person who just questioned you left the room, therefore assuming that he has the power of superspeed and is no longer in earshot?

  • The will of Allah must have had a hand in creating the cover photo for Said's book, because I have no other idea as to why Beecher and Vern would be posing together after the ugly history between them, or for that matter why Ryan and Vern would be shoulder-to-shoulder after Vern raped Ryan's brother and Ryan helped egg Vern's son Andrew into turning against him, or why exactly the prisoners would be in a group photo anyway. You would think that the show could have just put a big black cover with the words OZ instead of reusing a cast photo from a 1999 Entertainment Weekly profile.

  • Season 6 Episode 4: A Failure to Communicate

  • Crime Flashback

    Jahfree Neema kidnaps his young daughter from a day care center.

  • Prisoner featured

    Jahfree Neema, convicted January 10, 2003. Kidnapping, assault. Sentence: 7 years, up for parole in 3. (prisoner # 03N679)

  • I think it's interesting to note that in the previous episodes involving the production of Shakespeare's "Macbeth," Father Meehan played the lead role of MacBeth. However, in this episode, Ryan's mother implores Ryan to help her find a lead to replace "Shibetta," who never played the lead in this play. Although it's not made very clear, Peter Schibetta did have the lead role of Macbeth. In one episode we see him come in for an audition. In a deleted scene we see Ryan yell at his mother for giving Schibetta the role of Macbeth.

  • How nice for Clarence that, after being framed for Harrison Beecher's murder and led away by guards, he was apparently given no harsh sentence and only 3 episodes later can stand around gen pop to shoot the breeze with Keller.

  • After committing murder to get out of Vern's grip, why would Franklin Winthrop so happily go along with Keller's seduction? And doesn't anyone know better than to go in a storage room with Keller, as he has not only been stabbed in one but has also broken a lover's neck?

  • Season 6 Episode 3: Sonata de Oz

  • Said is killed off in this episode so that Eamonn Walker, (who plays Said) could film the movie Tears of the Sun.

  • Goof: When Dr. Gloria Nathan is in the office of Leo Glynn following the death of an inmate, Glynn tries to reason with her when she is leaving the office by calling her first name. Glynn calls her "Lauren" instead of "Gloria". Lauren Veléz plays the part of Dr. Gloria Nathan.

  • Crime Flashback:

    Pablo Rosa fires a gun in the ceiling at his high school, not realizing that the bullet will pass through and kill a girl on the floor above.

  • Prisoner featured

    Pablo Rosa convicted December 22nd, 2002.
    Involuntary Manslaughter. Sentence: 18 years, up for parole in 10. (prisoner # 02R104)

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