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  • Season 2 Episode 8: Escape from Oz

  • When Dr. Nathan is searching for a blood match for Officer Rivera, they state he is type AB- and the only match is another AB-. This is incorrect. While AB- is the rarest type, it is "The universal recipient" and can accept any blood type that is Rh- ; meaning A-,B-,O- or AB-, so about half the population could successfully donate.

  • Crime Flashbacks:

    Mark Mack defaces a grave and kills the black caretaker.

    Kip-Kemy Jarra refuses to let paramedics help a girl he's attempting to treat spiritually.

    Ryan and Cyril show up at a mob funeral, Ryan gets intimate in the bathroom with a former girlfriend. Trying to fight their way out of the room, Cyril gets hit over the head with a table, giving him permanent brain damage.

  • Prisoners featured:

    Mark Mack, convicted June 1st 1996, murder in the second degree, vandalism, hate crimes. Sentence: 70 years, up for parole in 40. (prisoner # 96M542)

    Kipekemie Jara, convicted August 1st 1998, criminally negligent homicide. Sentence: 20 years, up for parole in 8. (prisoner # 98J604)

  • The four Muslim prisoners in Oz are listed as: 97F444, Kareem Said. 97A822, Zahir Arif. 89B267, Nasim Bismilla. 85A245, Sanjay Afsana. This number differs from the original prisoner number given for Kareem Said, which was stated in the episode The Routine to be 97S444.

  • Jonathan Coushaine, a great supporting character, completely vanished without explanation after this episode.

  • Season 2 Episode 7: Animal Farm

  • Prisoners featured

    Robert Sippel, convicted March 10th, 1988, sexual abuse in the second degree. Sentence: 15 years, up for parole in 10.(prisoner # 88S510)

    Antonio Nappa, convicted June 4th 1998, murder in the second degree. Sentence: 80 years, up for parole in 50. (prisoner # 98N744)

    Jazz Hoyt, convicted August 12th 1998, aggravated assault in the first degree. Sentence: 8 years, up for parole in 4. (prisoner # 98H432)

    Arnold Jackson, aka Poet, convicted July 20th 1998, murder in the second degree. Sentence: 26 years, up for parole in 19. (prisoner # 98J448)

  • After Adebisi has his drug test he is sent to see Sister Pete. The Goomba figure he is holding is from a Super Mario Bros. 3 McDonalds Happy Meal from 1990.

  • When Adebisi has to produce a urine sample, he flops out his penis causing the guard to push him away with his right hand. But in the next shot, the guard is using his left hand to push Adebisi away.

  • There is a mistake regarding Hoyt and Poet's arrest time. Poet was arrested on July 20th 1998 and would be returning to Oz, according to Beecher. However, Hoyt was arrested on August 12th 1998 and is seen in Oz before Poet's arrival, therefore a time paradox.

  • Season 2 Episode 6: Strange Bedfellows

  • Prisoners featured

    Raoul Hernandez aka El Cid was convicted July 10, 1998, murder in the second degree. Sentence: 36 years. Up for parole in 20. (prisoner # 98H498)

    Jiggy Walker was convicted July 12 1998, murder in the 2nd degree. Sentence 28 years, up for parole in 20. (prisoner # 98W504)

    Cyril O'Reily convicted July 1st 1998, murder in the 1st degree. Sentence life, up for parole in 60 years. (prisoner # 98P284)

  • Throughout the series, Cyril and Ryan's last name is spelled O'Reily, but when Cyril is showing having his mugshot taken, his last name is listed as O'Reilly.

  • During Hernandez's crime flashback, his hands change position when he is holding the metal pole.

  • During Hernandez's crime flashback, he is smoking a cigarette with his right hand but in the next shot he is holding it with his left hand.

  • Season 2 Episode 4: Losing Your Appeal

  • Prisoners featured

    Richard Hanlon convicted June 3, 1998, possession and distribution of controlled substances. Sentence: 8 years up for parole in 5. (pisoner # 98H462)

    Christopher Keller, convicted June 16 1998, felony murder, two counts attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon, robbery, driving while under the influence, reckless driving. Sentence: 88 years, up for parole in 50. (prisoner # 98K514)

  • When Hanlon is talking to McManus, he intially points with one finger but in the next shot, he uses all his fingers.

  • In the scene where Rebadow is trying to pee, you can see Busmalis wearing a wedding ring, but he later reveals that he has never married and is a virgin.

  • Guerra is wearing a uniform with the prisoner number 97D419, however in episode "Even the score" (Season 4 episode 15) he is identified as 96G522.

  • Season 2 Episode 3: Great Men

  • Prisoners featured

    Agamemnon Busmalis, aka The Mole, convicted May 10th 1998, grand theft larceny, breaking and entering. Sentence: 10 years, up for parole in 4. (prisoner # 98B242)

    William Giles, convicted February 6th 1958, second degree murder. Sentence: life, up for parole in 60 years. (prisoner # 58G714)

    Alexander Vogel, convicted June 1st 1998, two counts of second degree murder, theft. Sentence: 50 years, up for parole in 30. (prisoner # 98V238)

  • When Wittlesey enters McManus' office, she picks up a piece of paper but in the next shot, she isn't holding it anymore.

  • The newscaster says that Shirley killed her 4 year old daughter, however in s4e4 "Works of Mercy" he says " the murder of her 8 year old daughter".

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