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  • Season 6 Episode 2: See No Evil, Hear No Evil...

  • Robson is 36 years old.

  • When Schillinger was talking about Loewen, he says, "When Martha and I couldn't afford a honeymoon, he gave us airline tickets." But in 'Works of Mercy,' he mentions that Shirley Bellinger reminded him of his "late wife, Arlene," and there's been no indication anywhere that Schillinger was married twice.

  • In addition, Pancamo told Nappa in season 3 that he doesn't believe in witchcraft, yet when O'Reily tells Pancamo that Peter Schibetta is trying to use the evil eye on him (a voodoo trick), Pancamo believes him as if he believed witchcraft the whole time.

  • Why would a Sicilian kill another Sicilian (for that matter why would anyone at Oz still kill) based on a 5 second blurb from Ryan's lying mouth after all of these years? You'd think that little ditty would've worn itself out by now. Show after show this guy keeps pulling the same old rabbit out of his hat while the inmates go on as if they've never known Ryan or seen his tired act before.

  • Since Urbano was seen by dozens of witnesses, including guards, while stabbing and killing Hill (even if he was aiming for Redding), why is he merrily wandering around Oz instead of on death row?

  • Season 6 Episode 1: Dead Man Talking

  • Crime Flashback

    After arguing with another patron in a bar, Glen Shupe throws a dart at the back of his neck, unintentionally killing him.

  • Prisoner featured

    Glen Shupe, convicted April 22nd, 1999.
    Manslaughter. Sentence: 15 years, up for parole in 8. (prisoner # 99S117)

  • The above goof is a mistake. In "Sonata da Oz" it is revealed why the Aryans and Italians aren't fighting. Since Redding and the gangsters are in telemarketing now, Glynn has decided to give the Italians back the kitchen in return for Pancamo's promise that they won't fight the Aryans. It is also mentioned that Glynn also gave the Aryans something, but he won't say what. So, sorry, my mistake.

  • Pancamo is finally let out of the hospital infirmary after getting a staph infection when the Aryans shanked him. Schillinger promised if he got out of the hospital alive, they would kill him. Well, in all of season 6, the Italians and Aryans don't have one scuffle. Looks like the whole thing's been forgotten? C'mon!! This is supposed to be a realistic prison show! Things like this are never forgotten!

  • Season 5 Episode 8: Impotence

  • Prisoner featured

    Wolfgang Cutler, convicted February 20th,
    2002, murder in the first degree. Sentence Life imprisonment without the
    possibility of parole. (prisoner # 02C773)

  • When Poet is talking to Robson in the cafeteria, the trays he is piling up changes position between shots.

  • The newscaster on TV says that Keller killed Bryce Tibbets in July of 1998, however in season4 episode5 "Grey Matter" Agent Taylor says he killed the three men in January, March and May and was sent to Oz in June.

  • In season 2, little Alex went to Disney World. In season 3, that was changed to Sea World. Now, it's Adventure World. Will season 6 have him visiting a Please Don't Threaten Legal Action World?

  • Season 5 Episode 7: Good Intentions

  • The verse Leo quotes to Kirk is Ecclesiastes chapter 6 verses 4-5. The complete quote is For he comes in with vanity, and goes out in darkness; his name shall be covered in darkness.
    Also he has not seen nor known the sun; this one has more rest than that one.

  • Jia Kenmin was never mentioned or seen again, even though all of the solitary inmates got increased airtime throughout seasons 5 and 6.

  • Season 5 Episode 6: Variety

  • Prisoners featured

    James Robson, convicted November 7, 1997, murder in the first degree, assault. Sentence, life, up for parole in 25 years. (prisoner # 97R492)

    Father Daniel Meehan, convicted February 9, 2002, destruction of property, assaulting an officer of the law. Sentence: 15 years, up for parole in 5. (prisoner # 02M525)

  • When Glynn is talking to Sister Pete, his hand is resting underneath his chin but in the next shot, his hand is not there.

  • Season 5 Episode 5: Wheel of Fortune

  • Crime Flashback

    A dunk Greg Penders gets into a scuffle and accidently shoots a young man to the tune of Radiohead's "I might be wrong".

  • Prisoner featured

    Greg Penders, Convicted May 7th, 1997, criminally negligent homicide. Sentence, 17 years. Up for parole in 9. (prisoner # 97P528)

  • Season 5 Episode 4: Next Stop: Valhalla

  • Crime Flashbacks

    In the park, a drunken Franklin Winthrop and Adam Guenzel brutally rape a woman.

    A terrified man begins climbing a tower in an escape attempt. Frank Urbano steps out of his car, waits a moment, and calmly shoots the man in the back. He then tells his goons to clean the mess up.

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