Season 3 Episode 5

U.S. Male

Aired Monday 11:00 PM Aug 11, 1999 on HBO

Episode Recap

Cyril tells new inmate William Cudney, that he doesn't want to box anymore, so Cudney tells him that he should not do something that he doesn't want to do. Cyril takes Cudney's advice and tells Ryan that he doesn't want to box anymore or train. Ryan pays a visit to Cudney and beats him with his own Bible and tells him that he has to convince Cyril to box again.

Later, in Em City, Ryan place a bet on Khan to win against Wangler, after learning that Wangler was going to get high hours before the fight. He motivates Khan, by telling him that Wangler was disrespecting Said and himself, and Khan reassures him that Wangler will be defeated. Before the fight, Ryan is about to spike Wangler's water bottle with Chloral Hydrate, but changes his mind.

Khan defeats Wangler with little effort, to O'Reily's delight.

Wangler wants revenge after his humiliating defeat from Khan, so Poet gets up on stage in the cafeteria and dedicates a poem to Said, where in front of all the prisoners he reveals that he saw Said holding Tricia Ross hands, much to the embarrassment of Said and the other Muslims.

Back, in Said's pod Arif and Khan tell him to never see Tricia Ross again or he will be replaced as their leader.

In the visiting room, Said meets with Tricia Ross and she tells him that she has been receiving threatening phone calls warning her to stay away from him. Said tells her to change her telephone number and that he will seek Zellman's advice on how to handle the situation. She tells Said that she doesn't want to stay away from him.

Back in Em City, Said warns Khan and Arif that whoever is threatening Tricia Ross will pay for it in this life or the next one.

Later, in the bathroom, Said is horrified to finds Ryan, scrapping away at his flesh as he tries to get rid of his wife's name which is tattooed on his arm.

Adebesi and the Latinos plan their course of action against the homeboys. Adebisi says that he only wants to slow them down and that Pierce and Poet should be first, since he has his own plans for Wangler.

In Em City, McManus informs Wangler that his wife was killed execution style and that she was with another man. He asks to attend the funeral and McManus said that he will arrange it. After McManus leaves Wangler, Pierce and Poet begin to laugh uncontrollably, happy that their murder for hire went off as plan.

Wangler attends his wife's funeral.

Back in Em City, in the kitchen, with the help of the Italians, Adebesi attacks Pierce and Poet and pours hot soup on them. The men are rushed to the infirmary with severe burns covering their bodies. After questioning Adebesi and Pancamo about the attack the prison is sent into lock-down.

Wangler returns to Em City and is shocked to see that his new podmate is Adebisi.

Hernandez questions Miguel about his counseling sessions with Sister Pete and Riveria, and warns him about implicating him in the plot.

Sister Pete speaks to Miguel and Riveria separately, to prepare them for their session together.

McManus discuss his pending sexual harassment case with Murphy, who encourage him to fight case. Later, McManus meets with his lawyer who advise him that even if he wins the case he will have to carry the public humiliation and stigma of what occurred for the rest of his life. McManus asks Gloria and Sister Pete to be character witnesses in the case; Sister Pete readily agrees while Gloria wants to hear Howell's side of the story before she gives him an answer.

McManus is disappointed that she believes Howell even for a second. Later, McManus relives his frustrations by trashing his desk.

McManus visits Diane in Unit B and during a bittersweet reunion he reveal that he's not going to fight the sexual harassment case again, and will settle out of court, because even though he did not force himself on Howell, he did care about her or her feelings.

New inmate Uri Kosygin, a Russian hit man arrives in Em City and his sponsor Nikolai Stanislofky is afraid that he was sent to kill him.

Busmalis receives an autographed picture from Miss Sally and decides to write a letter requesting Miss Sally visit Oz.

Ricardo, receives a visit from his brother and learns that his father had a stroke.

Determined to learn more about his father's death, Hughes tries to manhandle the killer's name out of Rebadow. Mukada stops him, but Hughes brushes off his attempts to help unless he can find the killer.

Keller's manipulations begin to affect Sister Pete; her attention is further piqued after he gets a visit from his 2nd ex, Angelique.

Beecher helps Andrew detox and clean up his life. Andrew apologies to the other inmates in drug counseling for the way he acted before.

Later in the gym, Schillinger is happy to see that Andrew has kicked his drug habit. Andrew tells him that with the help from God and his friends (Beecher, Keller and O'Reily) he was able to control his habit. He tells Schillenger that the men are going to teach him to wrestle. Schillinger and the other Aryans watch from a distance.

Beecher gloats in front of Schillnger that he he was able to get Andrew clean, something that he could never accomplished. Vern and Andrew get into a fight during lunch, Andrew says his father's dead to him, and he is sent to the Hole. Schillinger decides to kill Andrew by having Lopresti put drugs in with his son. Andrew can't resist the temptation and he Od's.

As the news hits Em City, Keller and Ryan are pleased, only Beecher feels regret.
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