Season 3 Episode 5

U.S. Male

Aired Monday 11:00 PM Aug 11, 1999 on HBO



  • Trivia

    • O'Reily's arm is sporting a bandage during Poet's recital in the Mess Hall, but he's not shown removing the tattoo until the shower scene a few minutes later.

    • Prisoners featured

      William Cudney, convicted February 10th 1999, murder in the first degree. Sentence: Life without the possibility of parole. (prison # 99C124)

      Yuri Kosygin, convicted March 23rd 1999, eight counts murder in the first degree, four counts attempted murder, illegal possession of a firearm. Sentence: Life imprisonment without the possibility of parole. (prison # 99K871)

    • The magazine Gloria is reading is intially on her lap but in the next shot she is holding it up in front of her.

    • When Ryan picks up the Bible before beating Cudney, he reads "Woe is me, for this is a sickness and I must bear it."

      That comes from the Book of Jeremiah chapter 10 verse 19. The complete quote is "Woe is me, because of my injury! My wound is incurable. But I said, "Truly this is a sickness, And I must bear it."

  • Quotes

    • Adebisi: It's simple. You help me get rid of the niggers, and we take over the drug trade.
      Hernandez: Simple huh? What about the wiseguys?
      Adebisi: They don't care who they work with, as long as the job gets done.
      Guerra: You're asking us to get rid of your people?
      Adebisi: They are not MY people. I am African!

    • Ryan: Hey, Khan. I just thought you should know, Wangler's been talking shit about Said. I think it's time you taught that heathen homeboy a little lesson.

    • Khan: Bismilla Allah manna rahim
      Ryan: Yeah, whatever. Just kick his ass.

    • Hughes: OK, according to your work assignment, you'll be here in the library from noon 'til three. Helping out the librarian, you know. Rearranging books on the shelves. You're also to take the book cart to the hospital ward, the AIDS ward, unit E. Hey, Kosygin, you understanding any of this?
      Kosygin: Yes.
      Hughes: Well, breathe or something every once in a while

    • McManus: Man, this sexual harrassment thing is eating away at me. State settles out of court, reinstates Howell to her job which implies my guilt. But I'm not fucking guilty.
      Murphy: You're a victim of the times, my friend. Years ago, a woman complained of workplace harrassment, no one believed her. No one even cared. Today, it's assumed that every guy in every office is an ass-grabbing pig. Which, of course, we are.
      McManus: No, I'm not!
      Murphy: Tim, c'mon. You told me you fucked every woman that worked in this place, except Sister Peter Marie.
      McManus: So I've slept around. It's always been mutual. I would never force my way on a woman, use my position to get laid.

    • Hernandez: How you doing with that program, man? You meet with Rivera yet, face to face?
      Alvarez: Nah! Just, you know, mostly talking to Sister Peter Marie.
      Hernandez: About?
      Alvarez: This and that.
      Hernandez: Well, as long as this doesn't connect to that, you're safe with me

    • Ryan: She had an abortion behind your back, without telling you.
      Cyril: I forget what abortion is.
      Ryan: It's when the baby goes to Heaven without ever getting born. So let me get this straight, you aim for the Doctor, but you got the son instead.
      Cudney: No, I aimed for the son.
      Ryan: You took out the kid on purpose?
      Cudney: Yeah! Now, that doctor knows how I feel. He killed my baby, I killed his.

    • Schillinger: Those are not the kind of men you should be hanging out with.
      Andy: As opposed to who, those standup individuals that make up your merry little band? You know, I gotta tell you something, Dad, my whole life you crammed into my head how superior we white folks are. Well I don't see the truth in that. Hey, I look around this room and I see white faces and black faces, every color in between. The only thing that I know for sure is that we're all shit. Shit don't come in degrees. I mean, white or black, shit is shit. So fuck everything you believe in, fuck everything you stand for, and fuck you.

    • Beecher: Tsk, tsk, tsk... Vern, you need to adjust your attitude. If not, I got no reason to keep being the good friend to you that I am.
      Schillinger: Good friend?
      Beecher: Yeah. If not for what I have done, then for what I haven't.
      Schillinger: What's that?
      Beecher: I haven't fucked him. At least not yet. You see, because I was there for Andrew when he needed someone, holding him, comforting him, I think he's developed a little bit of a crush on me. I have been tempted to at least deep tongue him a couple times, but I knew that would upset you so I haven't. Even though he wants me to stick my dick up his ass. And I'm afraid one of these nights, he and I alone in our pod, I'm not gonna be able to control myself.
      Schillinger: You'll be dead before you get the chance.
      Beecher: Well, you better hurry. Keller's getting horny and O'Reily's been talking about a three-way with Cyril and Andy.

    • Keller: See, you never stop amazing me. I'd like to hear more about that next time.
      Sister Pete: Yeah, next time we're gonna talk about you.
      Keller: I'll look forward to it. I like being in the same room with you, Sister. You give good aura.

    • Keller: Don't you gotta take those vows?
      Sister Pete: Obedience, poverty, chastity.
      Keller: At the end of the day when you go home and your bed is empty ...
      Sister Pete: It's not empty.
      Keller: Oh, I forgot. God's waiting there for you. You're the bride of Christ.
      Sister Pete: Yes.
      Keller: Still, there's gotta be nights when God's love feels cold.

    • Cyril: I got an idea. We should write Miss Sally and ask her to come visit.
      Hill: Visit?
      Ryan: Sorry bro, Miss Sally ain't coming to Oz.
      Busmalis: She might. Who knows? I'll write her ... now!
      Ryan: Man, I'd still like to fuck her.
      Beecher: I wouldn't mind a four-way with Nooter and Pecky.

    • (before the fight)
      Wangler: Shit yeah, I'm Mike Tyson man. I party, then I fight, then I party some more.
      (after the fight)
      Ryan: Hey, Bricks, nice one, man. You're like Tyson all right ... Cecily Tyson!

    • Cudney: O'Reily. You come and join our prayer meeting?
      Ryan: Yeah. (Picks up a Bible) "Woe is me. This is a sickness and I must bear it." (hits Cudney in the face with Bible) First you go tell my brother it's ok to box. (hits him again) Then you promise me you'll never talk to him again. (hits him again) Got that? I never had much use for the Bible before. Mind if I keep this?

  • Notes

    • Crime Flashbacks:

      William Cudney shoots and kills the son of the doctor who performed an abortion on his girlfriend.

      Uri Kosygin pulls up to the outdoor cafe of a restaurant, spraying his target and bystanders with scores of bullets.

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