Season 5 Episode 1


Aired Monday 11:00 PM Jan 06, 2002 on HBO

Episode Recap

The episode begins with a flashback of a bus run off the road by a sleepy truck driver, or maybe it's a flash-forward, maybe Tom's been watching some Tarantino movies lately.

Oz reopens several months after the gas explosion, with new facilities (although they look basically the same as the old ones. Fabio says "I can't beleive it's not the old set!"). Miguel, Giles, Penders, and Omar White are released into Em City due to a ventilation problem in solitary. Miguel tries to establish himself as tough and crazy to keep the Latinos away, but that backfires when he tries to attack Giles and Giles beats him up. Go Giles! This marks the second time Giles has handed Alvarez his ass on a platter. Meanwhile, Omar tries to stay out of trouble and win a second chance with McManus, but a fight with Martinez in the cafeteria leads Omar to a trip to the Cage. Cloutier, who was found because of the gas explosion, is returned to Oz's infirmary. When Tim wants to communicate with him, he learns that his vocal cords were badly burned, and the rest of his body was charred as well.

Tensions between the Aryans and Muslims intensify as a result of Said stabbing Vern and Robson last season. McManus tells Said that he;s being charged with attempted murder for Schillinger and Robson, Said says he intends to plead guilty. When Said receives a feces package in the mail, he attacks Robson. To hold off the looming war, Sister Pete asks Beecher to participate in interaction sessions with Vern and Said. He agrees, for humanitarian reasons and also for his parole standing. Pete convinces both men to join, and in the first meeting, Beecher stuns them and the audience by saying they are a lot alike. Gloria was fined for the malpractice regarding the aging drug, but kept her licence. Arif wants Ryan punished for killing Keenan, but won't testify for fear of his life. He tells Glynn about the shamrock ripped from Keenan's neck. Gloria admits to Glynn that she had it, but protects Ryan by lying that she threw it away. To kill 2 birds with 1 stone (Glynn breathing down his neck, and creepy Harry Stanton constantly spending time with Cyril), Ryan bribes inmate Martin Montgomery (who looks like the drummer from KISS without the cat makeup- hey wait..) to lie that he saw Stanton killing Keenan. Ryan also plants Gloria centric newspaper clippings under Stanton's mattress. Stanton makes the mistake of commenting on Gloria's breasts during an interrogation with Glynn, and is thrown in the Hole. Ryan then has Liam a.k.a. random Irish guy #1, plant the shamrock in Montgomery's cell. Ryan plans to keep the investigation in the air because he knows Gloria will come forward if Stanton, an innocent man, is actually arrested for the murder. Cyril asking if he can tell others about Ryan's scheme leads to a major argument between him and Ryan. Hill receives his divorce papers and discusses his mother and his wife with Redding, who talks about his own marriage problems, apparently his wife was an alcoholic. Back to the Bus: - Annette Osorio disrupts the atmosphere with her smoking, and tells Mukada she plans to ask her brother Morales to teach her abusive husband a lesson, Mukada is disturbed.

- Carrie tells Mukada that Hank was indeed Jewel's father and asks Mukada to lift the curse from Jewel's head before it ruins her, as it ruined Hank, Andrew, and Vern.

- Arif's wife Sonsyrea raves and pontificates about the state of young black men in America, and the evils of the drug culture.

- Hill's mother, Eugenia, calms Sonsyrea and discusses her regret over Hill's broken marriage, that she blames his wife for him being in jail, and that she's going to Oz that day to tell him of the divorce. Five minutes before they arrive at Oz, the bus swerves, rolls several times, then turns upside down. Annette, Sonsyrea, Eugenia, and Carrie (among others) are killed. Jewel is at Benchley Memorial. Glynn breaks the news to their devastated relatives in Oz.