Season 5 Episode 1


Aired Monday 11:00 PM Jan 06, 2002 on HBO



  • Trivia

    • Crime Flashback:

      During a baseball game brawl, Martin Montgomery picks up a bat and brutally beats several players.

    • Prisoner featured

      Martin Montgomery, convicted March 16, 1999, two counts of assault in the 1st degree. Sentence: 8 years, up for parole in 5. (prisoner # 99M663)

    • This episode marks the last appearance of the great supporting character William Giles. He is never even spoken of again until the audio clips at the very end of Exuent Omnes, which is an old clip from season 2.

    • If Glynn was releasing Miguel, Giles, Omar, and Penders to "gen pop", why were they in Em City? And why did Giles vanish for the rest of the season?

    • If so many were killed in the bus crash, why was Mukada, who was sitting in the front and possibly even standing up, barely hurt?

    • In season 4.2 Jewel Schillinger is shown with dark hair. Guess she got a bleach job this season, 'cause she's a blonde now.

  • Quotes

    • Sister Pete: Vern, remember when you came to me wanting to make sense of your life so that you could find some peace of mind, some happiness? This is the same. You'll be able to express whatever it is you're truly feeling inside.
      Schillinger: What I feel inside...is rage.
      Sister Pete: But you're smart enough to know that there's no comfort in rage. Rage feeds off the soul till there is no soul left.

    • Dr. Nathan: I'm releasing Robson and Schillinger today.
      McManus: Oh great.
      Howell: Can't you keep them in the ward longer?
      Dr. Nathan: No, their wounds have healed and I need the beds.
      Howell: Then give them a little Valium, some Prozac, anything that'll keep them calm.
      Dr. Nathan: Why not medicate everybody?
      Howell: Okay.

    • Schillinger: Can't wait to see my granddaughter.
      Robson: Christ, you gonna get all mushy again?

    • Murphy: Got anything else to say, Alvarez?
      Alvarez: Man is 80% water!

    • (Robson grabs a tray off the trolley)
      Robson: Hey, hey, what'd you do? Serve everybody else in this fucking prison then bring us the shit leftovers?
      Poet: Robson. You been in Oz all this time and now you wanna to be a food critic, huh?
      (Robson glares at Poet)
      Poet: (sarcastically) Wooo, you're scary. Wooo.

    • (In the shower room, Alvarez punches Guerra and Officer Murphy enters)
      Murphy: Hey, what the fuck's going on in here?
      Guerra: We're taking showers.
      Murphy: With your clothes on? Up against the wall. C'mon, move it.
      Alvarez: What, me too?
      (Murphy removes the towel covering Alvarez, showing his nakedness)
      Murphy: Nah, I can see you're clean.

    • Alvarez: Yes, very. That's right, it's me I'm fucking nuts. You say I got to pay? Fine. Put this on my tab okay? (punches Guerra)

    • Ozorio: I loved that Cuban cocksucker with all of my heart and he cuts a chunk out of me. I need Enrique to talk to Javier,
      Mukada: To call him? From Oz?
      Ozorio: My brothers voice travels far. He don't need a phone if you know what I'm saying.
      Mukada: No. Please don't tell me anymore.
      Ozorio: You're a priest. You can't say nothing to nobody.
      Mukada: No, that's only during confession. We're not in a confessional. We're on a bus.
      Ozorio: Oh don't get so technical.

    • Kirk: My friends, there are times when we are guilty for our actions and should be punished accordingly. But there are times when our actions, however cruel, leave us blameless. Because we have punished the guilty!

    • Hill: (narrating) Yeah, yeah, yeah. Lots of fine people have sat staring at the inside of prison walls. Socrates, Gandhi, Joan of Arc. Even our Lord Jesus Christ. He spent the last night of his life, not with Holy men, but with scum, like the kind we got in Oz. One of the last things Jesus did on Earth was invite a prisoner to join him in Heaven. He loved the criminal. I say he loved that criminal. Loved that criminal as much as he loved anyone. It takes a lot to love a sinner. But the sinner? He needs it all the more.

    • Hill: (narrating) Galileo gallantly challenged the principal that had been excepted for over a thousand years, that the Earth was the center of the Universe. That everything revolved around us. The mad monks and the inquisition imprisoned Galileo and ordered him to repute his theory. Which he did. How much worse of a punishment is there than being forced to say that what you know to be true is a lie?

    • Glynn: You're obsessed with Dr. Nathan aren't you?
      Stanton: No. I mean she has nice tits and all, but other than that I never even think of her.

    • Glynn: At least twice in Unit B Keenan kicked the shit out of you.
      Stanton: That ain't true. I got my licks in.
      Glynn: Medical Report says that after the first fight you had two broken ribs and a broken wrist. Keenan had no injuries at all.
      Stanton: Mine was a moral victory.

    • Montgomery: (to O'Reily) How come you're offering me extra cake? I been here almost 3 years you never even farted in my direction.

    • O'Reily: I don't want you anywhere near him.
      Cyril: But, Ryan, I like Henry.
      O'Reily: I told you this guy a scum bag.
      Stanton: It takes one too know one.
      O'Reily: You on some kind of Kamikaze mission there Stanton huh? If I see you talking to Cyril again you're going down in flames.

    • Rebadow: Is something going on Tobias?
      Beecher: This is Oz Bob. There's always something going on.

    • Schillinger: No, absolutely not. I'm not going anywhere near Said.
      Sister Pete: Vern ...
      Schillinger: My people don't associate with his kind.
      Sister Pete: Yet you already have. Like when you asked Said to represent you in your conspiracy to commit murder trial.
      Schillinger: That was different.
      Sister Pete: How?
      Schillinger: He hadn't shanked me then.

    • Sister Pete: In the shower this morning, I had a thought about you.
      Beecher: You were thinking about me while you were naked in the shower?

    • Robson: Jee-had? Yeehah!
      CO: You want to go to the hole?
      Robson: You can't put me in the hole. I'm recuperating.
      Schillinger: Healthcare's a bitch.

    • Poet: Grub boys.
      Schillinger: Who the fuck you calling boy?

    • Hill: (narrating) Back in the day before the day, explorers would set out on ships to discover new worlds. Adventurers like Marco Polo and Christopher Columbus would sail into the horizon, not sure if they'd find a place to land, or fall off the edge of the earth. As a result or their journeys, both Polo and Columbus got fame, fortune, and a pair of leg irons ... That's right. The man who discovered America was a con. Arrested for embezzlement. After a few months in a dank dirty dungeon, I bet old Chris started wishing he had fallen off the edge of the Earth.

    • McManus: You know I'm glad that your willing to make another effort, but I got to ask you a question. Why the fuck did you get so upset with me? Why'd you kick me in the head?
      White: Look you know ... There I am sitting there watching TV right? And there you come up on the screen big as day, right? And Guerra...Fucking Guerra! He started making fun. That's how the fight got started.
      McManus: Fuck I know all this shit. Why did you fucking attack me?
      White: Because you didn't say nothing to me man.
      McManus: About what?
      White: About being a contestant on fucking 'Up your Ante'. I mean here I thought we were getting all friendly, you know. We shared our thoughts and feelings. And then I got to find out you on the TV the same time as all the rest of them fucks!
      McManus: Oh!
      White: As a matter of fact, you sort of owe me an apology.
      McManus: Me? Apologize to you?
      White: Uh-huh.

    • Morales: Hey Miguel. You are one lucky fuck.
      Alvarez: Yeah. That's me you know. I'm Mr. Lucky.
      Morales: You know, Guerra wants you dead. But I could yank him off your ass.
      Alvarez: Oh yeah? If I do what huh? If I kill somebody for you? Those days are gone Chica. Those days are long gone. See I got no interest in sniffing the butt hole.
      Morales: You won't survive solo. You ain't got the balls.
      Alvarez: Ain't got what?
      Morales: Balls. Cahones. Bendahos. That's what I'm saying.
      Alvarez: Oh! You see this? (points to the scar on his face) I did that.
      Morales: Yeah?
      Alvarez: Yeah. I cut my own face. You know what I'm saying? I shoved a shank in Rivera's eyes. You know what I'm saying? I slit Vasquez's throat. You know what I'm saying? I handle a knife better then a fucking surgeon. I got nothing to prove to you brother. Nothing.

    • Ozorio: You know, because I know how you priests don't go in for girls. Oh no!
      Mukada: Well you know actually we ...
      Ozario: I'm sorry. That came out wrong.

    • Ozorio: Do you know my brother?
      Mukada: Sure, he comes to Mass every Sunday.
      Ozorio: Enrique? At Mass? Jesus he must be bored out of his mind.

    • McManus: Alright. Officer Murphy will now give out your cell assignments.
      Poet: I want a room with a view.

    • (returning to Oz for first time since explosion)
      Prisoner: I like the new color.
      O'Reily: It's the same color.
      Busmalis: I miss the old place.

    • Beecher: Imagine that. Said, Schillinger, and me in a three-way.

    • (Hill learns Redding and his wife were planning to divorce)
      Hill: But I thought you and Dee was happy. You always seemed so happy.
      Redding: That was the vodka. Only woman I knew that could drink more liquor than me. That love in her eyes was always a little bit blurry.

  • Notes

    • clarifications
      Tim Brown - Armstrong [as Timothy L. Brown] ;
      Philip Scozzarella - Mineo [as Philip V. Scozzarella] ;

    • This episode was in memory of Harry S. Ford. Harry was a grip on the show (he worked on Ghostbusters 2 w/Ernie Hudson) and died in a June 2001 firefighting accident in Queens, NY.

  • Allusions

    • Carrie: Hank watched that Natural Born Killers like, sixty times.

      Carrie is refering to the 1994 Oliver Stone movie about a young couple that embarks on a killing spree across America. The movie was partially based on the real life killings of Charles Starkweather and Caril Ann Fugate in 1957. It was also a satire on the media and it's symbiotic relationship with crime, but many people did not understand this viewpoint and comdemned it as glorifying violence. It has since become a cult favourite.