Season 4 Episode 8

You Bet Your Life

Aired Monday 11:00 PM Aug 30, 2000 on HBO

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  • WOW!

    Like.....wtf?! I was watching this episode and I was like... what the hell is happening! I can't belive my eyes! And by the way, I sooo love this reactions! This episode is one of the ones which shows me again and again why I watch OZ. You can't anticipate, even if you really really want, what's happening next. This show kicks ass! Big freaking time. I'm going to reveal one of the best scene from this episode, simply because it was pure beauty!! So you shouldn't read what's next if you didn't saw the episode. When that red spot begun to appear, that was the most tensioned moment for me.. And Adebisi walking out, doing a few steps, still keeping you in wonder of what have happened... But then, he spits blood. That's it. Then is when you know it's all over. This scene was so genial! Can't wait to see what's next. Oz is absolutely the best!
  • The perfect episode. WOW - so many developments, revelations and deaths happen throughout this episode, both literally and figuratively.

    This episode is without question the absolute best out of the entire series so far. Wow - so many developments, revelations and deaths happen throughout this episode, both literally and figuratively.

    Warden Glynn decided to drop out of the race for Lieutenant Governor in the first few moments of the episode. He decided to drop out being that his family are so very close to Clayton Hughes's family.

    But this is just the start of things, for both Glynn and the episode. Miles (as a sidenote, the worst actor the series has ever let on the show) is killed by Moses, and in a really clever way. Miles is painting on the wall that he shares with Moses. Moses began chipping away at the wall a few episodes ago, and during this one, he is finally able to 'punch' a hole through the wall, grab the pathetic Miles by his neck, and twists, turns, and rams Miles up against the wall. Once the C.O.'s arrive, Miles is dead, and anyone watching the series takes a moment to savor just how wonderful it is to no longer have him on the show. Cyril has seen his brother, Ryan, and Officer Howell 'wink' at each other and knows that Ryan is having sex with Howell. Ryan has a meeting with Sister Peter Marie and Father Ray and lets them know of his concern over his brother - his complaints are that Cyril cannot sleep, he has horrible nightmares, and that he is delusional, seeing events and things that are not 'there.' Of course, Cyril is correct, but Ryan, being 'who he is,' wants them to think that whatever Cyril says will be false.

    Ryan and Keller decide it is time to take some serious measures to oust the horrendous actor and person Reg E. Cathey (Martin Querns). Adebisi must try to explain to Querns why there have suddenly been murders in Emerald City. Adebisi is told to 'play cop' and find out who killed the two people. At the scene of the one crime, Supreme Allah's necklace is found, which is when Adebisi loses control and pummels Supreme almost to oblivion. And the 3 best for last! Glynn sees the tapes Adebisi had been making in his 'cell' and fires Querns. Adebisi is to be transferred out of Emerald City as McManus returns to his 'home.' Adebisi attacks Said - but Said lives, while Adebisi perishes. And finally, in this episode, Sister Peter Marie decided to continue on as a nun after some very wise words were spoken to her by Cyril. This is one of the absolute most entertaining 60 minutes of television I've ever watched. The perfect episode.