Ozzy & Drix

Season 2 Episode 1

An Out of Body Experience (1)

Aired Weekdays 4:30 PM Aug 23, 2003 on The WB

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  • Note: I've seen the hebrew-dubbed version

    This episode has proven me the series bigges problem: 20 minutes? Not enough. Anyway, I won't complain about this too much, here's the review.

    The idea of this episode somewhat answars the question of "How would a city of girl look like?". The city didn't strayed away much from the original design, but it did bring up a difference so we could understand it's a girl's city (Also, if you look at Frank's/Hector's cities, you could see it's not very "decorated").

    The plot was good. I like it. However, I have some beefs with this episode:

    *We discover Maximum is a traitor way too early in the episode
    *Sadly, they didn't have enough time to see how Ozzy "fits" into the city

    And yet, what's with the high rating? Simple:

    *I like the Pneumoniac's design... I like the design of almost all villians in this series!
    *There's much more focus on Ozzy here, so we get to see his personality more clearly
    *The way Ozzy transfered to Christine was a great idea. Although I highly doubt it could happen in reality, it's cartonn so whatever
    *Chief Maximus' motives. At first, I thought he's just a corrupt cop. That's ok with me, my other favourite series (Powerpuff girls) also used that idea. But, the fact that they added motvies that somewhat make sense, made it better.

    At the end of it all, good episode. I really liked it. But I think this whole idea could be much better executed as another movie, not a 2-part episode.

    Shining Moment: The battle against the germs at the beginning.