Ozzy & Drix

Season 2 Episode 13

Cavities (aka Journey to the Center of the Tooth)

Aired Weekdays 4:30 PM Jul 05, 2004 on The WB

Episode Recap

Hector's getting ready for school and his mother asks if he brushed his teeth. His mother finds out he hasn't and makes him brush and floss. He goes to floss, it hurts and just throws the floss in the trash.

A general is ordering bacteria to coat themselves in chocolate to protect themselves.

General Malaise is writing his life story in prison, orders a guard to take it to the printer, and the guard throws it in the trash.

The bacteria are launching themselves into the prison to break out General Malaise. Their coating protects them from guards. They break out General Malaise. We see an Ozzy and Drix dartboard in his cell.

Hector's sleeping and we see Drix and Ozzy looking out a "window" but it closes up and Drix experiences claustrophobia.

Ozzy wakes Drix up. They're at a stakeout for General Malaise. They see him with his army. They're loading weapons into the truck and Ozzy and Drix show up.

Hector and his parents are watching T.V. Hector eats some popcorn and gets a toothache.

This causes General Malaise to escape. Ozzy and Drix chase after escaping bacteria, but Drix experiences claustrophobia and they lose them. Ozzy finds out Drix is claustrophobic.

General Malaise is preparing to cause a cavity, then infect the gumline.

Ozzy and Drix are at a bar while Metabolica is playing. Drix is drinking a lot of plasma shakes, but Ozzy won't let him have anymore until he knows what's going on. Drix explains his childhood trapped in a dark pill bottle and how scared he was. Ozzy is going to help him.

Ozzy is putting Drix in rooms that are slowly decreasing in Drix freaks and shoots holes through their wall and their neighbor's wall.

Hector has to go to the dentist for the toothache.

Ozzy realizes General Malaise is making cavities.

They find the location of the cavity.

Hector's at the dentist, who Hector dislikes.

Ozzy and Drix are heading to the cavity. General Malaise and crew are working to chip the tooth away. Ozzy and Drix have to stop them soon or Hector will have to have a root canal. Drix falls into the cavity and the army comes after him.

The dentist is looking at the cavity. Hector doesn't find his jokes funny.

Drix falls in and Ozzy and captured. Drix is stuck in a hole, but he calms down to get out when he realizes everyone's depending on him. Drix finds sugar.

Ozzy is stuck to a tooth with plaque courtesy of General Malaise. Ozzy tells him Hector's at the dentist. Drix saves Ozzy in the nick of time. He trades extra-concentrated sugar for Ozzy. Drix saves Ozzy while General Malaise is splitting into more of himself. The General Malaise's try to stop them from escaping, but Drix blasts free and Ozzy free from his plaque trap.

Hector's dentist starts drilling out the tooth and Ozzy and Drix just barely escape. Drix conquers his fear of claustrophobia when he escapes.

Hector rinses and spits, spitting out all the General Malaises. They say they will return.

Ozzy and Drix take a small capillary back and Drix is okay with it.