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    Had to do this: What's your favourite quote/line in the show?

    Ozzy: "I'm- I'm- *sighs contently* I'm gonna have a baby." - Ozzy Jr.

    Drix: *sees Ozzy sucking his thumb* "Oh he's so cute when he does that." - Sugar Shock

    Ozzy: "But I just fix my hair" - Out of Body Experience Part 1

    Ozzy: *feminine* "Yeah honey, well let's see how good you look at three in the morning" - Outer Body Experience Part 2

    Ozzy: "Ricky you got some 'spainin' to do." - Tricky Ricardo

    Ozzy: "So that's why I've been so hungry lately, I was eating for two." - Double Dose

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    I love these two

    Episode: The Globfather

    {As Ozzy and the Mayor are flown back to the stomach}

    Mayor: Hey Jones, when we get back...You owe me a new boat!

    Ozzy: {Looking up at Maria and Drix} I could have dropped him...I should have dropped him!

    Episode: The Conquerer Worm

    {At Stomach Beach}

    Ozzy: The only thing I like about the beach are the boxed lunches! {Opens the box, only to see Dandriff has eaten all the food}

    And one day, maybe I'll be able to eat one of them!

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