Ozzy & Drix

Season 2 Episode 3

Lights Out!

Aired Weekdays 4:30 PM Sep 06, 2003 on The WB

Episode Recap

Maria, Noreen, Drix and Ozzy go bowling. The girls are winning when Drix sees on the Eye Channel that Hector is skateboarding without a helmet. (The Mayor and his two scientists are riding in a cart and not paying attention to Hector).

Hector is riding the rails on his skateboard, ubt as he's riding down one stair-rail, he falls off and down the stairs, hitting his head because he didn't have his helmet on. A blackout occurs inside his body. Hector gets up and is woozy and he walks away.

When the power comes back on inside his body, Ozzy and Drix determined it happened because Hector hit his head. Maria and Noreen don't recognize them and the girls fight them. Nobody know the blackout occured, except Ozzy and Drix, or recognizes Ozzy and Drix. Maria and Noreen kick them out of the bowling center. Once outside, Ozzy and Drix realize that no one remembers them. Drix realizes that Hector may have a concussion and only they know about it.

Ozzy and Drix return to their office, only to find that the Katz's are living there. They go in and find out that they moved in an hour ago when it was abandoned and they had the stuff inside flushed.

Ozzy and Drix to the Mayor's office to find Ozzy's folder. When they go in, the Mayor doesn't know who they are and the folder isn't there. When Drix mentions they were "outsiders", people now want to get them. They escape from the Mayor's office and they disguise themselves: Ozzy as a tough-guy and Drix as a girl.

Hector's walking around with his hand on his head and he is getting tired.

Drix says Hector can't fall asleep or he might never wake up. They need to get to the Central Data Base to find where the injury is centered. They need to break in so they go to visit Strep Finger. By attacking Strep Finger and his minions, Ozzy and Drix can talk to him. They ask for his help to break into the Central Date Base. He's going to help them and they laugh evilly.

Ozzy and Drix break in using Strep Finger's Bacterial Acid. They search the brain on a computer and find the troubled spot - short-term memory retrevial. Nobody remembers Ozzy and Drix because they're the most recent arrivals in Hector's body. Maria shows up and orders them to freeze, but she listens to Drix when he reveals secrets about her, especially that she sleeps with a stuffed toy named Gumdrop. Ozzy and Drix are arrested.

Ozzy and Drix are thrown into the bladder fluid, but Maria saves them after she realizes that only her closest friends would know she lets Gumdrop sleep with her.

They go undercover at the troubled spot of the brain. They need to reboot his memories. They get spotted by the guards and captured.

Hector is getting even more tired.

Ozzy, Drix and Maria need to get to the circuit breaker.

Hector gets sleepier.

Maria covers for them by fighting with the guards while Ozzy runs for the switch.

Hector lays down in the grass.

It starts getting darker and just as Ozzy's about to pull the switch, Hector falls asleep and all goes black. Ozzy finds the switch and everything restarts.

Hector wakes up and his memories of what happened to him return. He sits up, rubs his head and Trvis comes over on his bike, asking if he's okay. When Hector says he thinks he hit his head, Travis says he'd better take Hector home. They start walking and Hector says he should've worn his helmet.

Maria remembers Ozzy and Drix, but tells them to never tell anyone about Gumdrop.

Hector's getting ready to go out and he puts on his helmet.

Ozzy and Drix are with the Katz's until they move out in three weeks.