Ozzy & Drix

Season 2 Episode 12

Nature Calls

Aired Weekdays 4:30 PM Jun 28, 2004 on The WB



  • Trivia

    • Goof: The scar from Hector's appendectomy is on his left side. However, the appendix is always on the right side of the body.

  • Quotes

    • Maria: Sign here - (answers phone) Appendix Lodge please hold - Sorry ma'am, cash only - Yes, pets are allowed as long as they don't eat the guests - You'll be in room three, sir.

    • (In the woods after Maria, Ozzy and Drix have an argument)
      Drix: (Points at Ozzy) I'm not speaking to you! (Then points at Maria) Or you! (Then points at the parasite that will eat anything next to Ozzy that only Drix has noticed) Or even you!
      Drix: Ahhh! (Running in fear)
      Ozzy & Maria: Ahhh! (Running in fear)

    • Drix: You don't need an ivy league education to trick these germs!

    • Drix: It was horrible! I almost became the lodge's new septic tank!

  • Notes

    • Look Hard: Take a close look, and you'll see that Mayor Spryman is on the dollar or carb thing.

    • Originally scheduled to air November 1st, 2003, but was pre-empted for the Kids' WB! premiere of Teen Titans.

  • Allusions

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