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The WB (ended 2004)


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  • Based on the movie we learned WB was stupid by making soooooo many mistakes.But the did a decent job but it needs ALOT of tunning but too late.It's cancelled.Where Osmosis and Drix are in a cartoon body making it less cutting-edge.But this is the 2nd best

    This show is great!But unfortuantly this series was not all that great.I give it a \"Ehhh\".The people who animated this series stole clips from the movie and used them as scence for the show.And alot of stuff that does not follow the movie completely!No sereies based on a movie last long enough.If they would have kept Ozzy & Drix inside a live-action human,like in the movie then it would have been the perfect kids-cartoon.But the writer/director (Whatever)were too cheap to add a friggin live-action human.I thought Frank from the movie was a great character!If they would have at least kept Frank (ANimated or live action would have kept it cool.But they made a bazillion mistakes that were apposed to the movie.It just was not good enough!It needed fine-tunning.But they did\'nt so it got canncelled!WBKids thought we were stupid so they made mistakes while they made a few million of the Osmosis Jones licence!So WB you cancelled Sabrina based on a movie and your stupid!