Ozzy & Drix - Season 1

The WB (ended 2004)


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Episode Guide

  • The Dream Factory
    The Dream Factory
    Episode 14
    Hector's terrible recurring nightmare is keeping everyone in the City of Hector awake. Ozzy and Drix go to the "Subconscious Network," where dreams are produced, and enter Hector's nightmare to help him face his fear.
  • Sugar Shock
    Sugar Shock
    Episode 13
    Hector binges on candy, creating a sugar rush that speeds up all the cells and causes the bacteria population to swell. When his parents cut him off of sugar, his drop in blood sugar slows all the cells to a crawl. But the bacteria need sugar, so they form an army to raid Hector's sugar reserves. Now Ozzy and Drix, with the help of the Mole, must take on the bacterial army.moreless
  • Growth
    Episode 12
    The Mayoral election is coming up, and Spryman's opponent, a nerdy brain cell named Sylvian Fisher, is using a secret growth formula to cause destructive growth spurts and make the Mayor look bad. Ozzy and Drix must stop this fiendish plan, which becomes more difficult when Sylvian takes the growth formula himself and becomes a raging, muscular monster.moreless
  • Ozzy Jr.
    Ozzy Jr.
    Episode 11
    Ozzy thinks he's going to have a baby, but it turns out he's been infected with an intracellular bacteria by returning villain Strepfinger. Ozzy and Drix must find a way to destroy the parasite growing within Ozzy before it spreads its infection to all of Hector.
  • The Globfather
    The Globfather
    Episode 10
    When Sal Monella, a poisonous gangster germ, kidnaps the Mayor with plans to poison Hector, Ozzy and Drix must come to his rescue.
  • Where There's Smoke
    Ozzy must keep Nick O'Teen from getting to the brain where he will cause Hector to smoke.
  • Gas of Doom
    Gas of Doom
    Episode 8
    Ozzy, Drix, and Maria commandeer a submersible police craft into the intestines to stop a gas build-up that threatens Hector's social situation.
  • Street Up
    Street Up
    Episode 7
    Drix tries to learn how to act "street" and ends up helping an acne germ create a huge zit on Hector's face.
  • Oh My Dog
    Oh My Dog
    Episode 6
    Drix's new pet dog, Dander, is mistaken for an Allergen that is threatening the city.
  • A Lousy Haircut
    A Lousy Haircut
    Episode 5
    When Ozzy discovers that there are lice eggs in Hector's hair, he and Drix venture onto the scalp to knock the eggs off, only to end up running into the monstrous Mother Louse!
  • Strep-Finger
    Episode 4
    Ozzy becomes jealous of a super agent, Penicillin G, who has been injected into Hector to track down a powerful germ known as Strepfinger.
  • Strep-Finger
    Episode 3
    Ozzy becomes jealous of a super agent, Penicillin G, who has been injected into Hector to track down a powerful germ known as Strepfinger.
  • Reflex
    Episode 3
    Ozzy accidentally produces a neural spasm that causes Hector to kick the school bully. When the bully threatens to beat up Hector after school, Ozzy has to figure out a way to help Hector defend himself.
  • Home With Hector
    Episode 2
    By way of a simple mosquito bite, Ozzy and Drix are transferred into the body of a 13-year old boy, Hector. Unfortunately, a nasty germ named Scarlet Fever is also transferred, and our heroes have to capture him before he wreaks havoc on the City of Hector.
  • Osmosis Jones
    Osmosis Jones
    Episode 1
    When Zoo worker Frank, single father to the young and bright girl Shane, swallows a germ-ridden egg, he gives billions of lifeforms inside his body much work to do. In the "City of Frank", which has its good and its bad neighbourhoods, its own TV station, donut shops and traffic jams, the white blood cell Osmosis Jones is one of the many cops who try to keep up peace and order. Unfortunately, Jones seems to be the only cop in town who does not act by the book, but by his instincts. Even more unfortunately, his instincts don't work out that often, and so he causes more trouble than he does good. But with that germ-ridden egg comes a mortal danger: The evil and deadly virus Thrax arrives in order to kill Frank within 48 hours, just to get his own chapter in the medical books. Starting out with flu symptoms in order to deceive the authorities and the public, Thrax makes his way through Franks body. Accompanied only by "temporary relief of symptoms commonly associated with flu" cold tablet Drix, Osmosis Jones suspects that there is more going on than just a simple flu. Meanwhile, Mayor Phlegmming is much more interested in his re-election than in real problems and tries to keep trouble down. So, it is up only to Drix and Os to stop the "red death" from making Shane an orphan.moreless
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