Ozzy & Drix

Season 2 Episode 10

Supplements (aka Triumph of the Supplements)

Aired Weekdays 4:30 PM Jun 14, 2004 on The WB



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  • Notes

    • The leader of the lead gang has a "Pb" mark on his chest. "Pb" is the symbol of lead. The rest of the gang wear an "L", probably simply referring to "Lead", not Leucine.

    • Judging by the old paint layers on the toolshed dating back to the 60's, Hector's dad is most likely in his 40's.

    • Ozzy's robe looks remarkably like Hector's jacket.

    • In the next episode ("Double Dose"), Ozzy is wearing the same jacket as in this episode.

    • As seen in this episode, and a couple of other episodes before this, Hector really likes ice cream.

    • 'The Supplements' are:
      - Vitamin A: has glowing eyes (night vision) and seems to be their leader, we never find out his power.
      - B complex: large muscular character with three heads, can fire energy beams
      - Vitamin D: has one eye and a large square chin, can create structures of bone/enamel
      - Iron: grey character with a riveted frame, has glazed yellow eyes, stronger than the other supplements, tends to fight hand-to-hand
      - Vitamin E: female character with three eyes, can regenerate damaged tissue

  • Allusions

    • The title is a based on the title of Triumph of the Superfriends, based on DC Comics superheroes and was big in the '60s. Other, more subtle, references to DC; Justice League, etc. abound in this episode.

    • Ozzy: I don't care if you're bringing the Pustice League.
      This is a reference to the Justice League.

    • Drix: (Introduces Supplements)
      The whole time Drix is introducing the Supplements the theme from the Superman movies are played. Both franchises are owned by Warner Bros.

    • Drix: Strange visitors from another package with powers far beyond those of mortal cells
      This is a play on words of the 50s Superman opening, "strange visitor from another planet with powers far beyond those of mortal men".

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