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Ozzy & Drix

Season 1 Episode 14

The Dream Factory

Aired Weekdays 4:30 PM Mar 01, 2003 on The WB
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Episode Summary

The Dream Factory
Hector's terrible recurring nightmare is keeping everyone in the City of Hector awake. Ozzy and Drix go to the "Subconscious Network," where dreams are produced, and enter Hector's nightmare to help him face his fear.

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    Phil LaMarr

    Phil LaMarr

    Osmosis "Ozzy" Jones

    Kimberly Brooks (II)

    Kimberly Brooks (II)


    Jeff Bennett

    Jeff Bennett

    Drixo "Drix" Benso Medaphedrian

    Justin Cowden

    Justin Cowden

    Hector Cruz

    Alanna Ubach

    Alanna Ubach

    Mayor Spryman

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (2)

    • QUOTES (11)

      • Ozzy: Ahhh!!!!! Huh? Hey! How come this doesn't hurt?

      • Drix: He's just a cell, right?
        Vice President: They say The Head is 100 cellometers tall. That lightning streams from his fearsome eyes. And that any who anger The Head shall explode in pillars of flame.
        Ozzy: In that case, we'd better bring a muffin basket.

      • The Head: THIS MEETING IS OVER! NOW GO! The front desk will validate your parking.

      • Drix: Ozzy... I.. have... LEGS!!!!

      • Head: I want to see drama, passion (slight pause) and don't forget the funny.

      • Hector: And there was this monster, and then this really cool guy showed up to help me.
        Ozzy: Hey! He remembers me.
        Hector: His name was Drix, and he said he was a cold pill, man, he was off the hinges.
        Ozzy: (To Drix) Wipe that smile off your face.
        Drix: Aww, you're just jealous because I am off da hinges! Which is good, right? Hinges? Ozzy?

      • Hector: (Heroic voice) Foul villain, face the awesome might of superhero Hector.
        Ozzy: (In costume) And his loyal sidekicks, Blue Boy.
        Drix: (In costume) And the Atomic Rooster (Squawks)
        Ozzy: This is from a movie you saw?
        Hector: Actually, it was a cartoon.
        Ozzy: Man, you gotta stop watching those things.

      • (Monster grabs Ozzy and holds him up by the ankle)
        Drix: (Aims arm cannon) Freeze tentacled phantasmagorical monstrosity from...

      • Drix: This lack of sleep has everyone on edge.
        Ozzy: Cut the chatter and hand over another double mocha carb-a-ccino.
        Drix: Ozzy, that was your fifth one, adding stimulants to sleep deprivation could make you...
        Ozzy: (Grabs Drix's 'neck') CARB-A-CCINO!
        Drix: ... irritable.

      • Ozzy: No problem, just put us in that nightmare and we'll stop the monster.
        Head: NOT SO FAST, everyone wants to be in dreams, I must discover if you have TALENT, I must find out whether you are WORTHY, I must give you... a screen test.
        Drix: Ooh, screen test! Are my eyes fuzzy? Is there spinach in my teeth? Does this cross on my chest make me look fat?

      • (Ozzy and Drix have just met Hector in his dream)
        Ozzy: (Profoundly) Wow, it's really you. I've always wanted to meet you, to pass on my wisdom and knowledge. (Profoundness gone) Quit eatin' so many chili dogs, will ya?! By the time they get to us, those things are nasty!

    • NOTES (3)

      • In the dream where Hector wins the basketball game and Christine comes up to give him a kiss, Drix is pretty excited to have legs, in it. Girl legs, yes. But, legs, nonetheless.

      • There is no educational value present in this episode.

      • It is shown that the Nightmare gets bigger from the fear it feeds off Hector and Ozzy and Drix's weapons have no effect on the Nightmare [since it's the Ozzy and Drix version of the Revival Jam from Yu-Gi-Oh! if you know what I mean].

    • ALLUSIONS (2)

      • Drix: George Lucaside is my favorite dream director.
        Reference to the great Star Wars creator, George Lucas.

      • Receptionist: No one sees the head.
        The Head is obviously a parody of The Head from The Wizard Of Oz. Everyone thinks he's all powerful but he's really just like everyone else except has a projector to make him look powerful.