P. Diddy Presents the Bad Boys of Comedy

Friday 11:00 PM on HBO Premiered Jun 10, 2005 Between Seasons


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P. Diddy Presents the Bad Boys of Comedy

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P. Diddy spotlights the hottest up-and-coming urban comedians in the country with his new HBO series, 'P. Diddy Presents the Bad Boys of Comedy'. The emerging stars will perform in front of a live audience at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in New York in this nine-edition series. P. Diddy will make an appearance each show, with rapper and comic Doug E. Fresh introducing the acts, and DJ Mr. C playing the tunes.

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AIRED ON 5/11/2007

Season 2 : Episode 6

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  • I like this show. I think it's so funny. The guys are usually pretty funny on there. The funniest so far I'd have to say is number nine when the guy talks about chicks who wear three dollar chinese slippers in the street, now that's real and funny.moreless

    This show is FUNNY but I don't like it when the guys talk about sex and stuff..that i don't like. Overall FUNNY show wish it was longer than half an hour. I like to watch the shows over and over that's just me. They make me feel good. Not bad.
  • i like the show but there's 2 things wrong...

    i like the fact that i can finally hear people cuss, cause i was gettin tired of bleepin out stuff and it looks like p diddy is tired of music... but the 2 things that needs fixing... 1 its a little strange when every comedian comes out they always kiss p diddy's ass. they like give it up for p diddy. and the 2nd thing that needs fixing, is doug e fresh... isn't he the most annoying person in the history of the world, and he be losing his voice and sh it iam like wtfmoreless
  • Good Show

    I watched the show for the first time. I feel it's a pretty good to help upcoming comics. It reminds me of a def comedy jam. It's a good show hopefully it'll be around for a while. I watched the show i thought it was funny. For the first time in a while we have a comedy show that is funny you don't have to bleep out the words.
  • He says he's bringing out the edgy comedians and yet it's possibly the most unoriginal humour ever.

    The ridiculous entity that is Puff Daddy (I refuse to call him that other name) always brags in the beginning of the show about how they've scoured the country to find the best up-and-coming and most "edgy" comedians out there, but I find that it's just as unoriginal as most of the american stand-up shows. Jokes about how white people are different than black people etc. etc. Not original at all in my opinion. They should bring on a professional like Dane Cook so he can show them where the real comedy is at. All this said, it can be quite funny at times. Dane Cook is where the comedy is at!moreless
  • Not bad, not good

    I like the show being on HBO, so anything goes. What I don't like is P. Diddy going on for about 2 minutes and acting like a gangsta. The music by DJ Mr. C is fine, as is Doug E.Fresh, even though he could crack a few jokes. What isn't fine is the comics. They all come out and take up the presious little time they get by yelling to the crowd. The show's comics are not that good, but may be better if they get more time. I would suggest changing the show's format from 4 to 2 comics to give them more time. Not a bad show, but could get better.moreless