Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures

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Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures

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Pac-Man is a teenager who is protecting Pac World from the evil Commander Betrayus. When he isn't protecting Pac World, he is attending high school or munching away. Betrayus and his army of ghosts will not give up on taking over Pac World. It is up to Pac-Man to defeat Commander Betrayus and save Pac World.

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AIRED ON 12/2/2014

Season 2 : Episode 13

  • Ladies and I Ghost with the Most! *Cue 'Beetlejuice' cartoon theme*

    Beetlejuice word:


    I mean,I always root for the bad guy,but...

    I'm praying to God they don't cut this show short. Betrayus is a HELL lot better than Leo Valdez.
  • To the haters, Tak is the show you wanna talk trash about.

    What's wrong with you moustache? This show is the best Disney XD had aired. the voices are well done, the animation is great & totally kick proves to be better than stupid Beast Wars & crap know as TAK AND THE POWER OF JUJU!
  • just from the commercial, me and my mom knew.

    its dull, boring, and cheesy. Like mt mom was, like, "wait, this is a show!!??" me: "yeah. " my mom: cancel, there's no point of this show, there's not even any stupidity to laugh at!
  • Did Pac-Man really need a TV show?

    I have always enjoyed playing Pac-Man. It has become a retro classic ever since the '80s. Even if it was regular or Mrs. Pac-Man, I have always enjoyed playing these games. I still have the Namco Collection on the Gamecube and still play Pac-Man or Mrs. Pac-Man occasionally. But some people thought "Hey! Mario, Sonic, and Pac-Man all had TV adaptions back in the '80s and '90s, so let's make a Pac-Man show for the modern times!" And thus spawned this horrible series. Let me talk about some of the characters. Pac-Man in the original games was just a normal creature who munches on pellets while making only "waka-waka-waka" noises and escaping from Inky, Slinky, etc. Pac-Man in this series looks and sounds like a fat and awkward teenager who seems to have a BIG habit of eating pellets. I know the old Pac-Man did that in the original game, but this is too much! Also, what's up with some of the characters' names? Sir Cumference? Betrayus? Butt-ler? Dr. Buttocks? Does a two year old come up with these names?! I mean, maybe not Sir Cumference or Betrayus, but the other two sound too immature to be names! The voice acting in this show is so bad. The voices are either annoying, ear-bleeding bad, or both. The plots are decent, but they can often do obvious ripoffs of movies. They even do an Indiana Jones parody! Like that hasn't been done before! Actually, they're not much as ripoffs as much as they're homages to films, but they're still done poorly! The humor mostly consists of fart jokes, butt jokes, any toilet humor you can find on a Nick show! And some of the humor that aren't toilet humor is just too awkward and flat. The animation in this is CGI, which is getting very old and tiring nowadays in TV shows. Also, the CGI in this show is awful and almost makes the CGI in The Groovenians look like a Dreamworks or Blue Sky production! Not to mention that the colors of the characters look way too bright and make my eyes bleed! I'm sorry, people who like this show, but this show was a bad adaption on the original Pac-Man and could have done so much better. I recommend playing the original game or watching the 1982 TV show.moreless
  • This crappy crap is a new low for Disney XD

    It's about a fat loser named "Pacman" and he figures out the last of the Yellow People, because he ate them all up . His other pathetic friends are Spiral , a stupid f***t who protects Pacman's sorry butt all the time from the smartest character on this show , Skeebo. His other friend is a whiny wanna a be , Cylindria the Stupidest Pacgirl in The World . There's also this crappy queer named Betrayus , and his voice is an ear bleeding nightmare ! There's also the Ghost Gang family , comprised of Claude ,the oldest yet smartest sibling , Inky , the idiot of the group, Pinky ,the whiner in the group , and there's the rebel of the group , Blinky. This show is terrible and stupid at the exact same time. This show's "humor" is just far t jokes , burp jokes , butt jokes, and let's not forge t fat jokes. So, at all cost of losing your mind to complete madness,don't watch this devil spawn of a yeah, Crash and Bernstein is funnier than this fart filled show.moreless

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