Pacific Blue

Season 3 Episode 13

Avenging Angels

Aired Unknown Dec 14, 1997 on USA
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Avenging Angels
After a nightmare in which her dead mother shoots her in the course of arresting a suspect, Cory is injured in a car accident. As she works to rehabilitate her knee, Cory tries to decipher her mother's warning in the dream: "Beware the simple things." She decides it could be a message to quit the force and become a more well-rounded person. Two Korean twins use their flashy martial arts expertise to dispense vigilante justice along the boardwalk, attracting press attention and creating a headache for Pacific Blue. When the bike squad finally catches the twins, the duo reveals they were hoping to attract attention leading to a movie deal. Unfortunately, they've also attracted the attention of a criminal whose plan to distribute counterfeit money on the boardwalk has been scuttled as a result.moreless

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    Don Michael Paul

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      • Young Corey: ... I'm a girl, mom, I have to practice more than the boys to be the best.
        Corey's mom: Angel, being the best at something isn't worth it if it's all you have in your life. You are so focused Corey - you are gonna be great at anything you do, but you have to keep a balance.
        Young Corey: I promise I will.
        Corey's mom: Being a police officer is really hard work. If you become one, always remember it's just a job - it's what you do with the rest of your life that's gonna determine how happy you'd be.

      • Corey's Mom: Can I make you a sandwich Corey?
        Young Corey: Don't bother - I'm still running away!
        Corey's Mom: All right, I'll make your sandwich to go then.
        Young Corey: It's not fair! Why can't I be a cop?
        Corey's Mom: You can be one - I just said I didn't want you to be one...
        Young Corey: Why not? Grandpa's a cop, daddy's a cop, Jimmy's gonna be a cop...

      • (T.C. opens his front door, seeing Chris)
        T.C.: I'm sorry mam, but we're all filled up, no vacancies...
        Chris: Oh please sir, I'm so tired...
        T.C.: We'd have to share a bed.
        Chris: Fine, but I have to go to sleep by 5 a.m...

      • Corey: 'Angels in the Outfield', 'Heaven Can Wait', 'Michael'...
        Chris: 'Highway to Heaven', 'Touched by an Angel'...
        Corey: 'It's a Wonderful Life'...
        Chris: 'Charlie's Angels'...
        Corey: The point is, why would people make these things if we didn't believe?

      • Chris: Did I say something?
        Corey: Do you believe in Guardian Angels?
        Chris: You mean like Patrick Swayze in Ghost?
        Corey: I was 10 when my mother died, and ever since she's been there for me - believe it or not.
        Chris: I believe in luck... I believe in faith... I believe we influence our destinys by the actions we take...
        Corey: I believe in Guardian Angels Chis.
        Chris: So what do you think she's trying to tell you - "beware of the simple things"?
        Corey: I don't know, but the answer's out there if I just keep looking for it...

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