Pacific Blue

Season 2 Episode 20

Bad Company

Aired Unknown Apr 06, 1997 on USA
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Episode Summary

Jimmy Guerrero, a friend of Victor's, is killed in connection with an underground fighting syndicate, leaving his angry younger brother Billy seeking revenge. Victor defuses the brother's desire to take revenge himself, convincing Billy to introduce him into the ring as a street fighter so Victor can find his friend's killer. An uneasy truce between rival Santa Monica gangs -- a truce that Palermo helped put together -- is in danger of dissolving when Sammy Lugo makes both leaders believe the other is breaking the peace in an effort to sell weapons to both sides. Elvis goes into hiding when he witnesses Jimmy's beating and the simultaneous gun exchange, but a bad case of claustrophobia makes him an unwelcome houseguest for T.C.moreless

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    Boris Cabrera

    Boris Cabrera

    Billy Guerrero

    Guest Star

    Daniel Quinn

    Daniel Quinn

    Sonny McCue

    Guest Star

    Scott Layne

    Scott Layne

    Cobra (Jerome Flagg)

    Guest Star

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      • Billy: I just wanted you to know when I'm old enough I'll be right here riding with you guys.
        Victor: You know what, that would be a real honour Billy.
        E-Z: Ain't that some junior 5-0 in training.

      • Cory: Elvis, are you okay?
        Elvis: Am I okay? You know me, I'm like the cat. I always land on my fences.

      • Victor: I'm fighting Cobra tonight and if you leave me in there too long I might kill him.

      • Palermo: (about Chris and TC) Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing the new world champions in the 15 foot fence climb.
        TC: Thank you, thank you, thank you very much. You're all very funny.

      • Victor: Hey, I knew you'd come here.
        Billy: You gonna arrest me now?
        Victor: We both know I should.
        Billy: Whatever.
        Victor: No, not whatever. And I know you're all twisted up inside right now but I will not let you make the biggest mistake of your life.
        Billy: Then you'd better lock me up.
        Victor: You think I won't. Look at your brother Billy. Look at Jimmy. He's been fighting for you so you could have a better life than he had. Do you think he wants you to throw all that away?
        Billy: It ain't that great Victor.
        Victor: Maybe not. But it's a damn sight better than inside. Do you know what they do to pretty guys like you in there? Wake up man. We all face pain; it's how you deal with it the makes you a man.

      • Elvis: Come on Zazu, come on Zazu, go! Go! Please go for me or are you waiting for my nice warm carpet?

      • Willie: Oh what up Bicycle Boop? So when are they going to bump you all up to scooter patrol?
        Chris: As soon as they bump you up to human being.
        Willie: She's an angel. I'd stick her on a Christmas tree.

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