Pacific Blue

Season 3 Episode 9

Cop in a Box

Aired Unknown Nov 02, 1997 on USA



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    • T.C.: (to Groves) I'm not dead right now, so leave your message after the beep.

    • T.C.: Twelve seconds left and I don't have time to tell you how I feel.
      Chris: Tell me later.

    • Lt. Palermo: This guy told you how much time you have down to the last second.
      T.C.: There's even a digital counter here reminding me.
      Lt. Palermo: T.C., you're not only in a prison cell - you're on death row!

    • Harland Groves: What do you wanna do to me?
      T.C.: I wanna arrest you.
      Harland Groves: What do you really wanna do - you wanna kill me, right?
      T.C.: That's what separates you and me - I don't hang out in the gutter.
      Harland Groves: Come on, be honest - you see vermin and scum day in and day out, and it makes you righteously indignant - you wanna take 'em out, don't you?
      T.C.: Yeah, okay, I admit it - sometimes I feel that way.
      Harland Groves: Well that's why you're in the box - it's called revenge and it is sweet!

    • T.C.: (to Groves) Hey, why don't you stop calling and come visit.

    • Harland Groves: I made that in a month!
      T.C.: Look where it got you - a room without a view in St. Quintin.
      Harland Groves: Maybe it wasn't such a good idea, you becoming a cop, look where it got you - Sand Quintin!

    • Harland Groves: So, what do you think cop - you gonna survive?
      T.C.: Damn strait I am. We're getting together when I get out of here Groves, only this time I'm holding the shovel!
      Harland Groves: It's a date.

    • Harland Groves: Life in the hole - how do you like it cop?
      T.C.: Oh, it's great! I finally got some beach front property.

    • Ethan Calloway: And what do you base that on Lt.?
      Lt. Palermo: Twenty-one years of experience.

    • T.C.: And this is your idea of payback?
      Harland Groves: What goes around, comes around.
      T.C.: That wheel keeps spinning Groves.

    • Corey: Hey, have you seen T.C.?
      Chris: Not since late last night.
      Corey: Really, how Late?
      Victor: We better alert the media, cause Mr Punctuality wouldn't be late for his own hanging.
      Chris: Did you call him?
      Corey: Yeah, twice.
      Chris: He's never this late. Maybe I should just go swing over to his place.

    • Chris: Come on, say maybe.
      T.C.: Doesn't anyone ever say no to you?
      Chris: Just you.

    • Chris: Hey, you know what I'm dying to try - sky surfing!
      T.C.: Why, when you can surf in the ocean and parachute in the sky?
      Chris: You're so conventional, come on! You love to surf, I love to sky-dive - the perfect match!
      T.C.: Have you ever considered a spectator sport?
      Chris: You're telling me you're afraid.
      T.C.: I am telling you I am sensible, level-headed, and rational.
      Chris: Conventional.

  • Notes

    • Richard Herd also appeared as Ethan Callaway in 'With This Ring'

    • This is the second appearance of Andy Buckley in his recurring role as Teddy Callaway, other epsisodes he appeared in are: 'Inside Straight' and 'With This Ring'

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