Pacific Blue

Season 3 Episode 9

Cop in a Box

Aired Unknown Nov 02, 1997 on USA



  • Quotes

    • Harland Groves: What do you wanna do to me?
      T.C.: I wanna arrest you.
      Harland Groves: What do you really wanna do - you wanna kill me, right?
      T.C.: That's what separates you and me - I don't hang out in the gutter.
      Harland Groves: Come on, be honest - you see vermin and scum day in and day out, and it makes you righteously indignant - you wanna take 'em out, don't you?
      T.C.: Yeah, okay, I admit it - sometimes I feel that way.
      Harland Groves: Well that's why you're in the box - it's called revenge and it is sweet!