Pacific Blue

Season 2 Episode 10

Cranked Up

Aired Unknown Nov 03, 1996 on USA
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The Bike Patrol participates in the "Eco-Relay", an exhausting bike race through the Santa Monica Mountains. Palermo is left behind with the truck as support. While taking a treacherous short cut, Victor's bike is damaged and Chris goes for help alone. In the middle of the forest, she stumbles on a crystal met amphetamine lab and is taken hostage by the "chemists" running the place--including a woman insanely jealous of Chris' affect on "her" men. When Victor and the others attempt a rescue, Cory is shot and all are recaptured. This leaves only Palermo to save his crew and stop the meth shipment from making it to the streets...all without weapons or a working radio.moreless

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    • Leader: Sorry have to tell you this, but you're all disqualified.
      TC: What do you mean we're disqualified?
      Victor: We finished the race, didn't we?
      Leader: You've broken so many rules, I don't know where to begin! For starters, you used the radio. That gave you an unfair advance.
      Chris: We never actually used it.
      TC: And it never worked.
      Leader: That's not the point! What are these? Everybody had to peddle under their own power, you cruised in on these machines. And who are these people? And why is she gagged?
      TC: Hey, don't look at us. It was their idea.
      Chris: Yeah, we all took a vote an agreed.
      Leader: Wait a minute... there's something else going on here...?
      Victor: This guy never miss a thing.

    • Victor: Hold on a second. Are you guys suggesting taking a couple of homocidal, paranoid, speed-freaks with just our mountainbikes and good looks?
      TC/Chris/Cory: Yeah.
      Victor: OK, I'm just checking.

    • Victor: I think I remember a shortcut. It saves us 2 hours.
      Chris: If it's such a great shortcut, how come no one else is taking it?
      Victor: Beacuse it's kind of special.
      Chris: How special?
      Victor: Well, it kind of starts out like a little trail, then it sort of peers out a little bit.
      Chris: Into what?
      Victor: To this deep thingy, no big deal. We'll have to walk with our bike around a mile but that's not the special part.
      Chris: And what's the special part?
      Victor: This killer downhill.

    • Chris: I don't know if I'm ready for this.
      Cory: Ah, what your problem Chris? I'm totally psyched I can't wait to tear up that mountain.
      Chris: Liar.
      TC: You guys aren't getting cold feet, are you?
      Cory: What?!
      Chris: Are you kidding me?
      Cory: Pass up the chance to ride 80 miles in the most roughest mountain terrain in the county?
      Chris: I wish the race was today.
      TC: Liars.

    • TC: Fraternizing with the enemy I see. Don't listen to these guys, they're only to put the psyche on you.
      Cory: Really? I thought it was the make.

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