Pacific Blue

Season 2 Episode 19

Lost and Found

Aired Unknown Mar 02, 1997 on USA
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Chris discovers that Rosey Evans, the friendly girl who serves her coffee every morning, is a runaway living with her boyfriend, who was also her high school teacher. When they bring Rosey into custody and call her father to pick her up, Chris is shocked to discover that Mr. Evans severely beat his daughter, part of the reason that she ran away. In exchange for a lighter sentence, a criminal gives Cory some important information: a powerful drug dealer has hired a hitman to kill her brother, Peter McNamara in retribution for strong-arming him when he was a dirty cop. Cory and Peter have to draw the hitman out of hiding and defeat him without alerting anyone on the police force.moreless

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      • Chris: I know you probably don't understand all this and I know you probably hate me right now. I think you'll come to see that this is the best way.
        Rosy: You're right I don't understand.
        Chris: Look Rosey, you can finish school. You can come back to LA and take those design classes that you...
        Rosy: You just don't get it. Chris in 11 months and 9 days I'm gonna turn 18. And the day you let Lenny out of prison I'll be there waiting for him.

      • Chris: You beat your own child, that beatiful, precious girl, you beat her like an animal. If I have any say about, you will never ger your daughter back!

      • Palermo: Mr Evans are you aware that your daughter's back is covered with scar tissue.
        Chris: And that her right wrist has been fractured.
        Evans: What are you talking about?
        Chris: I'm talking about the fact that your daughter has been beaten repeatedly over a long period of time.
        Evans: No, Rosemary was a headstrong, wilful child. I tried to teach her some discipline.
        Chris: With what? A baseball bat?
        Evans: With strap and rod.
        Chris: (Sarcastically) Oh, excuse me.

      • Palermo: These guys are extremely methodical about the whole thing. First of all they spend days, sometimes weeks tracking the target. Where he works, where he lives, his routes to and from work, what he does on his days off, evenings. These guys take meticulous notes. And once they've found the optimal location they rehearse. It's just time in, time in, time in. Clearing the location, how they transport the weapon, how to dispose of it. A thousand and one details. And once they're ready its really just quite simple. They've got it all down pat like they've done it in their sleep. They just take the target out.

      • Rosy: Maybe, so you think I can really get into this course?
        Chris: It's open for enrolment. All you have to do is show them your high school diploma and I'm sure they'll be more than happy to take your money.

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