Pacific Blue

Season 3 Episode 7

Repeat Offender

Aired Unknown Sep 28, 1997 on USA



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    • Navy Officer: Tell me the truth Chris - you miss this place?
      Chris: Yeah, but I don't belong here anymore.
      Corey: What's the best part about coming back? Satisfaction? Vindication? Closure?
      Chris: Honestly, the uniform still fits.

    • Sheila: Stay here, I'll go get the police.
      Lt. Palermo: (as Hans) We're already here, you're under arrest Sheila.
      T.C.: (as Stan, holding up cuffs) Let's try these bracelets on.

    • T.C.: (as Stan) I sure hope nobody we know sees us.
      Lt. Palermo: (as Hans) I wouldn't worry about that T.C. Is this pathetic or what? We don't even stand out!

    • T.C.: Am I missing something here?
      Corey: Actually, yeah!

    • Lt. Palermo: The mayor only calls me twice a year - once to wish me happy birthday and once when he thinks his re-election's going down the tubes.
      Corey: Ain't his birthday.

    • Corey: (to Chris) So, you gonna eat that F-18?

    • Corey: I thought you left (the Navy) because your eyes went bad.
      Chris: Do I wear glasses Corey?
      Corey: No.
      Chris: We're room-mates, we share a bathroom - ever seen me use contact lenses?
      Corey: I just assumed they slipped a little below Navy standards.
      Chris: 20/20/20/10 - my eyesight is better than perfect!
      Corey: So why did you leave the Navy?
      Chris: Because I can see the posters from across the room, but I couldn't see the knife coming from behind.

    • Corey: Chris, I don't mean to pry - okay, yeah, I do.

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