Pacific Blue

Season 2 Episode 17


Aired Unknown Jan 19, 1997 on USA
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When Maggie Garrity, the attractive director of a local shelter, comes to the Firehouse to report a missing runaway girl, T.C.'s motivation to help is less than altruistic. During their search for the girl, who has fallen in with two thieves, T.C. gets up the nerve to ask Maggie out, only to find out that she's a nun. Victor borrows Palermo's brand-new, extremely expensive bike, but loses it to a street kid who then delights at eluding him.moreless

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      • Chris: (to Woodi and his puppet) Guys, guys... Pull It! Let's just take a deep breath, sit back and start it all over shall we? (sighs) Oh boy!

      • Chris: So, are you going to tell me about Woodi or not?
        TC: Nah, I know you like surprises.
        Chris: I hate surprises.

      • TC: Woodi?
        Palermo: You sure?
        Chris: Yeah, Woodi.
        TC: Good job Chris. I think you should interview him, don't you think so lieutenant?
        Palermo: Absolutely, you talked to the guy, already established a report, job's definetly yours.
        Chris: Wait a minute. (to TC) You know something about this? You know something about Woodi, what's going her? (TC and Palermo leave) Hey!

      • Cory: If I close my eyes I could almost believe you are talking about a real woman. Which, come to think of it, grosses me out even more.
        Palermo: She doesn't get it.

      • Victor: (hiding from Palermo) What's he doing now?
        Cory: Still reading reports. This isn't gonna work!
        Victor: It has to.
        Cory: Just tell him!
        Victor: No way.
        Cory: Come on, he's gonna notice that the bike isn't here.
        Victor: I'll gonna get it, I just need some more time.
        Cory: Hey, you never gonna find the bike. Face it Victor, you're a dead man, caputt, fenite, no maz!
        Victor: Oh, I appricieate your support!
        Cory: Ok, lets' go!
        Victor: Thanks I owe you big.

      • Chris: Did you just volenteer to put up flyers for that woman, sergeant Callaway?
        TC: No, officer Kelly. We did.
        Chris: Hey!

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