Pacific Blue

Season 3 Episode 12


Aired Unknown Dec 07, 1997 on USA
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Cory goes undercover to investigate a Hollywood madam's operation after one of her call girls -- who was blackmailing clients -- washes up on the beach. A Hollywood actress whose estranged sister is also a callgirl demands that Pacific Blue help tear her sister from the madam's clutches.

T.C. and Victor wonder why three kids in succession would try to steal a very ugly brooch from a pawnshop, then discover that the boys are brothers. The father of the boys finally admits he mistakenly pawned his shrewish wife's brooch and sent his kids to steal it when he couldn't afford to buy it back.

T.C. and Chris consummate their romance, but Chris has "morning after" regrets and pushes T.C. away, fearing she will lose her best friend. Eventually, both decide to take the risk and be in love, though secretly.moreless

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    Claire Yarlett

    Claire Yarlett

    Shannon Draper

    Guest Star

    Denise Gentile

    Denise Gentile

    Ellen Bracken

    Guest Star

    Arthur Rosenberg

    Arthur Rosenberg

    Elliott Hammond

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      • T.C.: (to Chris) Next time my place.

      • Chris: Did you hear that?
        T.C.: What, the heartbeat? It had to be yours, 'cause mine stopped 10 minutes ago.

      • T.C.: What are you saying?
        Chris: Nobody can know, if Palermo finds out he'll separate us.
        T.C.: Just for the record - I don't care if we're separated on the job, as long as I have you the rest of the time.
        Chris: Just the same, keep things quiet until we know where it's going, okay.
        T.C.: Our little secret.
        (T.C. tries to kiss her)
        Chris: One last thing...
        T.C.: What?
        Chris: Never kiss me when I'm on duty.
        T.C.: Very unprofessional...
        Chris: And distracting. One more last thing...
        T.C.: What?
        Chris: That rule does not apply when I'm off duty. Understood?
        T.C.: Perfectly.

      • Chris: I'm doing this for both of us.
        T.C.: Then you'll forgive me if I don't thank you.

      • T.C: So you're leaving?
        Chris: That's right.
        T.C.: That doesn't make any sense.
        Chris: It makes perfect sense.

      • T.C.: I took a chance, maybe it wasn't the right thing to do...
        Chris: Maybe!

      • Chris: Where's Alan?
        T.C.: He couldn't make it.
        Chris: How do you know?
        T.C.: We spoke.
        Chris: You cancelled my date!
        T.C.: You can still have one.

      • T.C.: Am I losing my hair?
        Victor: The only thing you're losing is your mind.

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