Pacific Blue

Season 2 Episode 21

The Last Ride

Aired Unknown Apr 13, 1997 on USA
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Victor's close childhood friend Emilio Lopez, a troubled kid who grew up to be a troubled adult -- Victor's mother Rosa has always considered him to be a second son. Out on parole, Emilio has taken a job at the local high school, but little does Victor know that Emilio is the leader of a car theft ring that's already left one person dead. Victor has to chase down his own best friend, who is determined not to go back to jail no matter what. Mahmood, sentenced to community service for his illegal activities (detailed in the episode "Outlaw Extreme"), is back at it when he and his "business partner" Sara Farman try to sell the Santa Monica Pier to a wise-guy wannabe Lenny Steinruder. But Sara takes off with the money, leaving Mahmood to deal with Lenny's anger -- and learning too late that Lenny has familial connections to a New York mafioso known as the "Jewish Godfather." Cory and Chris reluctantly agree to help him only long enough to arrest Lenny as a way of getting to his father-in-law.moreless

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    Shaun Toub

    Shaun Toub


    Guest Star

    Ivonne Coll

    Ivonne Coll

    Rosa Del Toro

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    Horacio Ledon

    Horacio Ledon

    Emilio Lopez

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      • Lenny: Do you have any idea how many cuts the human body can take before it bleeds to death?
        Mahmood: Sorry, that is a medical question. I don't feel qualified to answer that.

      • TC: You know what Victor. Some friends you've just got to let go of. You weren't meant to be friends for life.
        Victor: I wish it were that simple.
        TC: Why isn't it?
        Victor: Because when Emilio and I were kids we stole a car.
        TC: What?
        Victor: Yeah, just a couple of dumb kids joyriding without a care in the world until we saw the red lights flashing in the mirror.
        TC: What happened?
        Victor: Oh Emilio was driving. He made a run for it. He put off distance between us and the cops and he kicked me out. He takes off and he gets caught. That was the first time he was arrested.
        TC: He give you up?
        Victor: Never said a word, not even to my mother.
        TC: Kids can do some stupid things.
        Victor: Yeah I know but I can't help to wondering if that's where it went wrong for him. I mean maybe if I'd have stood up or if I'd been there for him.
        TC: Hey, joyriding is a minor offence. Have you seen Emilio's sheets since then?
        Victor: Yeah I know it's bad but...
        TC: Hey, you want my opinion Victor? It wouldn't make a bit of difference. He is who he is and you're not responsible for that.
        Victor: You know I keep telling myself that but for some reason it doesn't wash. A couple of bad breaks I could be exactly where he is today.
        TC: I don't believe that.

      • Chris: And that guy he's talking to, he looks familiar.
        Cory: One of your many dates perhaps?
        Chris: Elbows Cory. No. I swear I've seen him somewhere.
        Cory: Well judging by the suit I'd say from the movie "Goodfellas."

      • Chris: Mahmood scrubbing fish bait. I love it. I really do.
        Cory: Chris, don't you think you're enjoying this a little too much? I mean, he did pay you back for the necklace and the watch.
        Chris: Oh you love it too. Come on, admit it.
        Cory: Okay, well maybe just a little.
        Chris: Ah, there's the spirit. Let's go poke fun at the little scammer.

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