Pacific Blue

Season 5 Episode 13

Swimming in the Dead Pool

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A controversial and outspoken attorney, whose specialty is suing the police department; presently he has a wrongful death suit against them over the death of a young (black) man, whose death he believes was cause by the actions of the two policemen who were pursuing him. He then announces that he has found a witness, who will prove that he is right but he won't name the witness right now. Later at his apartment, someone knocks on the door and shoots him. When the department hears of this, the Chief, who is afraid that the press will assume that a cop is the killer, decides to let the Pacific Blue unit handle the investigation. Cory decides to first look into the possibility that this was the act of a scorned lover or wife, because the way the place was set up, it appears that he was expecting someone. Cory then learns that, that person is his assistant, so Cory goes to her place and finds the murder weapon. She says that she didn't do it and Cory thinks that she is innocent. Cory then asks her about this secret witness that he was talking about, she tells Cory that it was a bluff that he did often to coerce the department into settling. Cory then suspects that maybe someone, didn't think he was bluffing so decided to take him out. She went to one of the two cops and confronts him about what happened when the boy died, while he says he jumped out of fear, Cory believes that he and his partner threw him over, not wanting to kill him but he died anyway. Later the assistant announces that the witness is ready to come forward, so she goes to meet him, and someone takes a shot at him, only it's Bobby and he is wearing a vest, they chase him and they corner and they discover that it is the cop.moreless
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