Pacific Drive

Episode 29

Amber sends faxes to USA!!!!

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Amber sends faxes to USA!!!!
The following is edited by Jessica Bethany arrives home to her apartment and has been for a walk. Zoe comes out of her apartment flat ,sees Bethany and asks how she is. Bethany does not look like she is feeling well. Zoe tells Bethany that if she needs anyone to talk to, to let her know. Bethany says she is okay and Zoe leaves to go to work. As Bethany opens her apartment door, Joel is on the top of the stairs, outside the apartment and has been listening to the conversation between Zoe and Bethany. Joel looks genuinly concerned for Bethany. Zoe is at work, at Kingsley's and gives faxes to Georgina and Amber says that she faxed her own designs overseas to a client. Georgina is clearly not impressed, as she didn't know about it. Georgina and Amber go into Georgina's office to discuss the dilemma. Georgina says that Amber should have gone to her first and Amber agrees that it won't happen again. Amber faxed the designs to Body Beat . Georgina tells Amber that if Body Beat want the designs then they will have to do a deal with Kingsley's. Amber walks out of Georgina's office. Luke is playing with Adam's baby at his place on the kitchen table. Laura is there and Luke asks her whether she can take over as he wants to go for a swim and Laura agrees. Trey, Adam, Amber and Georgina are in a board meeting at Kingsley's and discuss Amber's designs and the deal. Amber says she wanted to do more with her share of the business and says it would be a shame if the deal fell through. No one says anything. Georgina and Adam are having coffee at a cafe and Adam can't believe that Georgina didn't say anything in the board meeting. Georgina tells him that Amber has a right and Adam replies that Amber is trying to blackmail them. Georgina tells Adam that the trust still stands and to get her in on the business side of things is a good idea. Adam says it's not what Sonia would have wanted. Georgina replies that Sonia's not here and says that Sonia wanted acceptance and that's what Amber wants as well. Luke and Laura are at the beach and Laura massages Luke's shoulder. Luke begins to like Laura more then just friends. The baby cries and Laura goes to the baby. Luke asks her how does she know so much about muscles and Laura replies that you'd be surprised how much you pick up being a policeman's wife. Adam and Georgina are still drinking coffee and Georgina tells Adam about Sonia and how Sonia affected Amber. Luke and Callie are walking along the beach and she tells Luke that she's finding it hard to live with Rick. She says she is back on the paramedic roster and says she will miss beach patrol with Luke. Callie says it wasn't a complete waste of time them being together, as they know how to communicate and are now important friends. Callie arrives home from the beach to Rick's apartment and she is not happy. Rick wants her to cook, Callie says she doesn't like being taken for granted and being told what to do. Callie tells him that he doesn't hear her and says she doesn't know what to expect from him. Rick and Callie both agree that they both don't know how the living together arrangements is going to work out. Bethany is walking along the beach and see's Luke's place and continues walking. Luke comes up to her and invites her to come up and she declines the offer. Luke asks her what she does when she is not working. Luke asks whether Adam has left any messages for her. Bethany says no, that the relationship is not working. Luke tells Bethany that he is disappointed. Bethany says she won't come up to his place and says she has to get back home. Luke walks off. Bethany is outside her apartment door and Adam has been waiting for her. He says he wondered when she would get home. They both go into the Bethany's place. They are both on the bed, making out and are about to have sex. Still clothed Bethany tells Adam to stop and says she can't and that the relationship is not working. She says that it's not hsi fault. Adam says he deserves some answers. Bethany is crying and they hug each other and Adam tells her that he doesn't want to throw what they have away. Bethany says it's not this she meant and tells him it's over. Amber and Trey are in bed and she tells him that he has taught her heaps. Trey says I thought we weren't going to talk shop. Amber says they shouldn't underestimate her and says that rules are changing and that she wants more to do with the business. Callie is at Zoe's place and they are making coffee in the kitchen. Callie says she misses them together living together in the apartment. Callie tells Zoe that she is having problems with Rick in his apartment. Zoe says can't say I didn't tell you. Zoe knew Rick and Callie would have problems living together. Callie says she feels like everything is done to please Rick. Callie then asks Zoe what's happening between her and Luke. Zoe says it's not that interesting and that it's not there. Callie suggests that they need more time and Zoe says that it's not just the time, it's more complicated then that. Callie says that she thought it might help and Zoe says that one wild fling just won't fix it. They are now sitting on the couch, eating and drinking coffee. Zoe says that she has her own problems. Zoe says what would have happened if she didn't move out and Callie says she misses what they had. Callie drives Zoe to work, at Kinglsey's, drops her off and then while in the car, Callie sees in her rear view mirror Rick just coming out of a car park with a woman in his car. They are kissing and Callie is not impressed. Adam and Luke are at their place and Adam is talking to Luke about him and Bethany. Adam reckons that it has something to do with her ex boyfriend turning up. Luke asks whether he is happy that they broke up and Adam says he is not sure. Luke suggests that she needs to deal with the past and Adam says that it's too easy for him to walk away. Adam says that Bethany has him whether she likes it or not. Bethany is in her apartment and is getting ready to go out, wearing all black clothes, including a black hat. She looks as though she is going to a funeral. She has bags with her amd leaves her apartment. Georgina is in her office and Zoe walks in and Georgina asks her whether she did the banking the other day. Zoe says that she had some problems with the bank's lines being down.Zoe leaves Georgina's office and goes back to her desk. Zoe tells Amber that there was a problem with the banking and asked whether Georgina mentioned anything to her and Amber says no. Amber is doing Zoe's hair, while they watch Trey and Georgina in another room talking. They look to be discussing money and banking issues.moreless

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