Pacific Palisades

FOX (ended 1997)


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  • This was a show that I truly enjoyed watching, another great show from Aaron Spelling. It deserved more time on the air than 3 months.

    Pacific Palisades had wonderful characters, and terrific actors to play them. It had sex, drama, intrique and much more. Everything you would expect from an Aaron Spelling show, but unfortunely this show would not last which I felt was unfair, this show should have been given the chance to expand, yes, I admit some of the storylines could have been better, and I felt that it would have if the show had not been taken off the air. At least for those of us who enjoyed watching the show every week, we got closure with the last episode. Thankfully, there was no cliffhanger, and we weren't left wondering about what happened with our favorite characters. Everything tied up in a neat little package. Pacific Palisades is one show that I feel should be brought back, if not as a series then a made for TV movie would be cool. I know other fans of the show would agree.
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