Pacific Palisades - Season 1

FOX (ended 1997)


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  • End Game
    End Game
    Episode 13
    Matt becomes Russo's newest employee, thanks to Kate's newly acquired power at the office, but his presence only helps reunite Robert and Jessica. Meanwhile, Christina and Laura continue to one-up each other; Quinn reconsiders his plot against Cory, for Beth's sake; and Rachel falls deeper for Nick.
  • Sweet Revenge
    Sweet Revenge
    Episode 12
    Kate suffers the consequences of her ill-conceived deed and blames her situation on Robert; Joanna is concerned about Rachel's latest crush; and Beth reveals all the details of her shady history to Jessica, but is upset when Cory learns the same information. Meanwhile, Laura insists that Christina get a second opinion on her illness.moreless
  • Motherly Love
    Motherly Love
    Episode 11
    With Michael's help, Joanna and Nick search frantically for Rachel and the man she's with; Robert rushes to the hospital--and away from Jessica--when he learns that Kate's been in a car accident; and Beth gets an unexpected visitor from her past. Meanwhile, Laura falls for her mother's fabricated news; and Matt tries to console Kate.moreless
  • Private Showing
    Private Showing
    Episode 10
    Rachel finally gets to meet her father, Jessica discovers Matt's infidelity and breaks up with him, leading Matt to seek revenge against her and Robert. Laura uses the return of her mother to deceive John and Cory seeks to win back Beth's affections and Kate's jealousy continues to grow.
  • Best Laid Plans
    Best Laid Plans
    Episode 9
    Rachel and Joanna seek out the same man, but with different results; Laura sets John up for revenge; Beth finds out about Cory's gambling habit; and Jess is caught in a compromising position.
  • Desperate Measure
    Desperate Measure
    Episode 8
    Cory frets about the operation he must perform on Frank's wife; Jessica returns to Robert's firm; and Kate tries to maintain her appearance so Robert won't stray...again. Meanwhile, Rachel continues to search for her dad.
  • Past & Present Danger
    When Cory refuses to put Frank's wife under the knife, for good, the loan shark suggests Beth may needing surgery; Rachel tries to find out who her father is; An old flame of Laura's comes to town; and Robert is on the verge of losing a project.
  • Runaway
    Episode 6
    Laura learns that her old boyfriend, millionaire John Graham, is coming to town, Nick and Joanna fight over Joanna's secret and Rachel runs away from home. Cory and Beth go to dinner with Frank and Amy Nicholls which leads to Cory find himself in deeper trouble then ever before.
  • Mothers and Other Strangers
    Nick is sure he knows who's responsible for the mall's collapse and Beth decides to get better acquainted with Cory. The purpose of Christina's visit is reveled while Robert tries to make things right with Kate.
  • All Hell Breaks Loose
  • The Other Woman
    The Other Woman
    Episode 3
    Nick continues with his investigation while Laura searches investors for a real estate firm. Jessica goes with Matt on a trip to Santa Barbara and Rachel continues to hide her involvement with Micheal.
  • The Bet
    The Bet
    Episode 2
    Cory starts gambling to get the $20,000 he needs to solve his legal problems. Jessica, Robert and Nick try to find out what caused the walkways at a mall they designed to collapse.

  • Welcome to the Neighborhood
    A new nighttime soap from producer Aaron Spelling, set in an upscale Southern California community. "It's a friendly neighborhood," says Spelling, "but I don't think [the characters] are friends. Everybody's trying to get more than they've got." In the opener, Nick and Joanna Hadley arrive from Michigan with Joanna's teen sister in tow, and reunite with their college friends--and new neighbors--Robert and Kate Russo. As the Hadleys adjust to their new home, they meet other denizens of the area, including Jessica, Robert's employee (and lover); and Laura, an aggressive real-estate agent who sets her sights on Nick.moreless
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