Packed to the Rafters

Tuesday 8:30 PM on Seven Network Premiered Aug 26, 2008 Between Seasons




Episode Guide

  • Season 5
    • Rewriting History
      Episode 22

      For Dave and Julie's upcoming 30th wedding anniversary, Ben and Nathan lands secretly at Carbo's place to surprise them.  Julie is shocked to hear from Ted about his past secret which he slips out accidentally.  Meanwhile, Coby is adjusting his life in remand.

    • Free to Choose
      Episode 21

      Coby's is not answering his phone after he took off. Dave tries with Duncan to drop the assault charges on Coby. But Coby make Duncan to call the cops. Meanwhile, Carbo and girls meet their customer who is turn out to be a tantrik sex therapist and the couple take her services.

    • 3/26/13

      After knowing about Duncan, Dave tries to end their business dealings.  But Duncan hold him of their contract.  Julie and Donna's friendship put on strain due to Coby's actions.  Meanwhile, Carbo, Retta and Emma's first day of garden business starts not as they hoped for.

    • Got What It Takes
      Episode 19

      Not knowing Duncan's wandering eye on his employee, Dave is determined to take his business to the next level with him.  But Coby lost his control about the issue and Frankie is not impressed by his lack of maturity.

    • That Heady Rush
      Episode 18

      Frankie seems to be coping pretty well with her new relationship with Coby. But when Donna's new boyfriend Duncan makes a pass at her, she tries very hard to stop Coby to do anything stupid as Duncan offered a big contract to Rafter Electrical. Meanwhile, Carbo, Retta and Emma tries to get a loan from bank for their new business.

    • Keeping Step
      Episode 17

      Freddie is finally lets her guard down and gets friendly with flirtatious Coby.  This leads for her to fall for him but hesitates to admit her true feelings for him.  Meanwhile, Julie is still not OK with Ted's approach to his condition.

    • Displacement
      Episode 16

      Julie is worried about Ted who wants to move out.  After getting cash from his estranged father, Alex partying too hard and Jake must stop him.  Meanwhile, Carbo have to regain his 'manhood' as he is being outnumbered by women in the house.

    • Moments of Clarity
      Episode 15

      Thinking that the family will be worried, Ted doesn't reveal about his ongoing tests to them.  But it proves very costly to him later.  Meanwhile, now Voula is avoiding Matt who is lovesick.

    • Bad Habits
      Episode 14

      Retta let Carbo's cousin Voula to become new housemate.  Voula throws a party and shows interest on Matt, who tries to avoid her.  Coby is not paying attention to Heather.  Frankie's ex make friends with Alex over drug habit.

    • Filling the Void
      Episode 13

      When Alex returns home, Matt have to move out.  Julie asks him to move into their home without consulting Dave, which she later regrets.  Meanwhile, Donna's ex-husband returns in her and Emma's life after he is separated from his current wife.

    • Life's Surprises
      Life's Surprises
      Episode 12

      Nathan returns back home from London and he brings someone.  When he introduces the person to the family, they shocked to what they see and hear.  Ben is tired of his job and uncomfortable working with Emma, decides to leave the town.

    • The Right Time
      Episode 11

      Ben feels its right time to move on from Mel and start life with Emma. But when he visits hospital with Carbo and Retta, his memories of Mel returns to him and this makes Emma uncomfortable again. Carbo and Retta receives bad news when they visit hospital to check up. Meanwhile, Julie and Dave sort out their differences over a dinner outing.

    • Letting Go
      Episode 10

      Julie is still not forgiven what Dave did. Frankie visits Julie and tell her that it is her mistake not Dave's. Ben invites his parents to the cottage not knowing about their issues. Coby gets a new job. Meanwhile, When Retta thinks that Carbo's car is not suitable for babies, Carbo have trouble letting going of his beloved Charger.

    • 6/12/12

      Frankie quits her job and Coby too thinking that Dave and Frankie spend the night together.  Feeling guilty, Julie tells Dave about Adam's late night visit.  But when he tells his guiltiness to her, Julie storms out of the house and goes to Adam's place.

    • Unwritten Rules
      Episode 8

      Julie has a movie premiere with Adam and Dave is taking his employees away to a seminar. When Ruby got sick, Julie has to cancel her outing. But later Adam drops by late night and they discusses about their lives. At seminar, everybody get drunk too much and one brief moment with Dave and Frankie threatens to destroy everything.

    • The Great Escape
      Episode 7

      Tired of Carbo and Retta's craziness of baby obsessing, Ben goes out of town with Emma.  Coby avoids Frankie at work which makes her to make a proposal.  Meanwhile, Julie start to work at the local newspaper and Dave make some decisions with his own business.

    • Secret Fears
      Episode 6

      Jake's episode and Julie's closeness with Adam make Dave to have strange dreams.  Coby paints for Frankie and gifts to her.  Frankie learns how he feels about her, but problem is she likes someone else.  Finally, Ben 'returns' something to Emma.

    • Judgement Day
      Judgement Day
      Episode 5

      Jake behaves badly after learning that his father Jim never changed.  This threatens his job and his relationship with Dave.  Retta thinks that she is pregnant, but decides not to tell Carbo.

    • 5/8/12

      Coby hiding his true feelings for Frankie and dealing them in his own ways. Ted cooks for Donna and Julie interrupts them. Retta set five year plan for the future and forces Carbo to do the same.

    • 5/1/12

      On Valentine's day, Ben and Emma works at the Boat Club and Donna tries to have romantic dinner with Ted. Matt play a prank by sending Valentine's Day cards to Jake and Coby. Meanwhile, Julie panics at her interview at a local radio station and starts talking about Ted and Donna's relationship and their age difference.

    • 4/24/12

      New employee Frankie joins the Rafter Electrical and she faces problems at work site because of her gender. Julie struggles to write for her column. An unexpected event helps Ben to make Emma stay at his place. To buy their own house, Retta starts saving money which makes Carbo crazy. After giving money to Elisha, Ted faces trouble.

    • 4/17/12

      Julie is offered to write a column for a local newspaper after her blog becomes famous. Matt has moved in with Jake which shocks Coby who returns from overseas. Cooper's sister Elisha tries to blackmail Ted.

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