Packed to the Rafters

Tuesday 8:30 PM on Seven Network Premiered Aug 26, 2008 Between Seasons





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  • This show is so real in a lot of respects. I mean there would not be one of us in TV land who does not know someone who is living in a multi generational home. You know kids in their 20's & 30's who still live at home or adults living with their kids etc.

    In my home we have three generations living there at once. There is hubby and I, two of our three kids and one of kids two children, ie our grand daughters. Between the cost of living and how much it costs to buy a house nowadays, it can be really tough for kids to get a home where their work is. And unless they are prepared to move to a faraway place in some remote mining town, or bunk down with six of their mates, it can be hard to pay for rent and living expenses, and ofcourse the price of fuel is a killer. And it is really hard learning to live with everyone. Especially if someone smokes and the rest of the house does not. Or in the case of grand childen and grand parents it can be really hard. This show can only get more and more interesting as the relationships between all the actors grows. Sometimes it can be too close to home. Like the first episode - We remember when we thought we were only going to have the 17 year old at home and we celebrated only to have the middle child go in for an emergency operation and have to move home for three months. And by then the eldest daughter had moved back in with her two grand daughters that we are looking after. We went from a household of three to one of seven. Love this show and it can only get better!!!! Must viewing for todays society. Oh and PS Since this show started my Hubby's inlaws have threatened to move in with us in their dotage. Welcome to my life, and its being played out on TV. Maybe the writers should contact me for some storylines - ROFL!