Packed to the Rafters - Season 3

Tuesday 8:30 PM on Seven Network Premiered Aug 26, 2008 Between Seasons




Episode Guide

  • One Day at a Time
    Episode 22

    Dave tries therapy after convinced by Julie. The family in dilemma with Ruby's first birthday and Christmas approaching fast. Dave speaks to Coby and offer him apprenticeship.

  • Rest in Peace
    Episode 21

    Family and friends offer their support to Ben who is grieving after the tragedy. Melissa's parents arrive and her father blames Ben for the accident, which makes Dave's temper explodes. Chel returns from India to be with her family in the hour of need.

  • Perfect Bubble
    Episode 20

    After Retta moves in with Carbo, Ben plans a romantic evening with Melissa at a hotel. Rachel too plans a holiday with Jake but when her ex-boss offers her job back, Jake feels slapped in the face. Coby confesses his crime to the Rafter family which makes Dave very angry. Ben's life changes forever when Melissa never reaches hotel.

  • Breathe
    Episode 19

    Rachel takes a decision about her work after her relationship with Jake gone soar. She realize that Jake care about her work after opening his gift. A welcome relief for Dave from work when he and Julie goes to Eric Clapton concert which Julie wins in a phone-in competition.

  • Between the Covers
    Episode 18

    Nathan bonds with Coby by going out with him on a night. Even though Ben opposes Carbo's likening of Retta, Carbo plans to propose to her. Rachel and Jake fights once again and this time it is very serious.

  • Spark of Life
    Episode 17

    Ted returns from a rejuvenating break and finds out that all is not well at home. When Dave snaps with Julie because of his work pressure, she find solace in a friend from mother's group. Carbo tries very hard to resist temptations from Retta.

  • When Worlds Collide
    Episode 16

    Rachel takes control of her new job problems but along with, her relationship with Jake suffers. Julie offers help to Dave's business and Nathan does some light laboring. Carbo tries to scare away potential buyers of the house.

  • Don't Go There!
    Episode 15

    Ben assumes that Melissa is pregnant when she feels queasy during dinner. Dave is working extra long hours to go for a holiday trip, but an unexpected pending tax bill ruins his plans. After watching a horror movie, Nathan plays pranks on Carbo, who is not a horror movie buff and even horrified when he saw lights blinking at a empty house.

  • Know Yourself
    Episode 14

    Dave prides himself as easy going and uncomplicated person. He hires Corby even when he behaves suspiciously. Rachel's new job start with difficulties. Carbo meets his internet dating site girl and they connect immediately.

  • Live and Let Live
    Episode 13

    A possum keeping Rafter family up at night with its sounds. Still in hospital, Chel tells Ted that she wants to go to India. Ted get angry and tells her that she is running away from the family again. Carbo goes to Erin's place not knowing that she set up her gay roommate for him.

  • Moments of Truth
    Episode 12

    Before his transplant procedure, Nathan is inspired by Chel to write letters to his family. But he struggles when it comes to writing to his grandfather Tom. So he visits him to resolve. Meanwhile, Carbo's 'twitching' date turns disaster.

  • 8/31/10

    Rachel gets an opportunity to meet a big client personally and hopes for a job offer from him. But she struggles leaving the current job which is less with responsibility and new job which is big one. Jake gets his third fit which makes Rachel even worried. Meanwhile, Ben and Melissa's baby plans 'irritates' Nathan and Carbo. A cook book given by Julie to Ben met with disastrous results.

  • 8/24/10

    Ben wants to have children, but Melissa is not ready yet. At the workplace, his boss Derek ask him to fire Lexie who is coming late for work daily or else he will be get fired. To complicate his situation much further, Ted recognizes Derek's daughter Hayley as the leader of the gang who assaulted him and Chel. Julie joins a local mother's group. Jake agrees to babysit Ruby when Julie and Dave go out for dinner.

  • 8/17/10

    An intruder disturbs the Rafter house. Dave and Nathan goes to meet Dave's dad Tom in prison. Meanwhile, Rachel is disturbed by Jake and Alex's living standards in their new place.

  • Rites of Passages
    Rites of Passages
    Episode 8
    Nathan is forced to question his motives for wanting to donate a kidney, triggering a crisis of confidence. Will he be able to put his demons to rest and in doing so, save Chel's life? Although he passes all the physical tests, Nathan is thrown into doubt when the transplant co-ordinator seeks answers on his true motivations for donating a kidney to Chel. When Sammy praises Nathan over the transplant, his feeling of pride seems only to confirm he is donating his kidney for self-serving reasons. While Ben and Rachel have no doubt Nathan is made of the right stuff, their younger brother can't seem to find the words to convince the co-ordinator or himself and he's terrified his failure will spell the end for Chel. With Chel's health on the decline, Julie and Dave decide there's no time like the present to hold Ruby's Naming Day ceremony. After a disastrous interview with a comically self-absorbed celebrant, the Rafters plans instead a much more laid-back gathering at the park and ask Rachel, Ben and Nathan to be Ruby's guardians. Baby Ruby's welcomed to the world by those that love and care for her. And perhaps something in the speech Dave makes gives Nathan the answer he's been looking for. Meanwhile, there are problems at the Barton house, with Alex struggling to accept his mother's new relationship. Alex goes out on a bender and when Grace returns from her date and finds Alex still gone, she flies into a panic. She and Jake lock horns over the whole issue, with Grace feeling that she should be more mindful of Alex's feelings and Jake insisting that she's entitled to live her life. Jake decides it's time both he and his brother stood on their own two feet and comes to a surprising solution to their joint need to cut the apron strings. Carbo struggles with his own rite of passage when he discovers some grey hairs – and not just on his head!moreless
  • Simple Needs
    Episode 7
    Julie is forced to expand her inevitable focus on the needs of her new baby to include the more complex needs of the other members of her family. Julie has been uncharacteristically disconnected from the daily ups and downs of her family, focussing entirely on baby Ruby. But when Dave reveals the crushing news that he has been rejected as a kidney donor, Julie forces herself to re-engage – especially when she discovers the medical reasons why Dave has been rejected. Nathan has his own crushing news to deal with when Ben and Melissa reveal that wife Sammy never went to London and is ready and strong enough now to reconnect with the Rafters, and meet baby Ruby, all the while conceding that there is no future for her and Nathan. Initially angry at the deception, Nathan has his own secret – he has taken the first steps towards testing as a potential kidney donor, against his parents' – and Chel's – express wishes. The maturity and sensitivity he ultimately shows in dealing with Sammy's request, and his stoic acceptance that their marriage really is over, makes Julie rethink her position, and she convinces Chel that she will not stand in the way of her adult son taking the next step towards donation. Rachel is struggling with deep-buried jealousy towards baby sister Ruby taking all their parents' attention. An amused Jake calls her on it – and despite her denials, the truth rises. Rachel has always been Daddy's Princess – his little girl – and as much as it's ridiculous, she can't help but regret no longer having an exclusive claim to the title. When Carbo's attempts to discourage his teenage stalker Georgia fail, he panics over the potentially serious consequences of their internet flirtation – especially if the police get involved. With nowhere else to turn, Ben brings in the big guns, asking for Julie's help in persuading Georgia that this relationship can never be.moreless
  • Home Matters
    Home Matters
    Episode 6
    Rachel's dream of moving in with Jake is thrown into jeopardy by the unexpected return of Alex. Rachel's forced to deal with the fallout when Alex reacts badly to the many changes that have taken place in the Barton household in his absence. Feeling increasingly on the outer, Alex's issues erupt at drinks at the Rafter house, leaving Grace and Jake humiliated and the Rafters reeling. Jake is too angry with Alex to repair the situation and it's left to Rachel to restore peace. She discovers the truth about Alex's misery, and the realisation of how much he needs his older brother forces her to reassess her own house-hunting plans. But exactly how far is Rachel willing to go for the sake of Barton family unity? Meanwhile Nathan has been roped into helping Chel with her tax. Although her records are in a complete mess, they do have a good time, and in a discussion about attitudes to life he admits that he doesn't like himself very much and blames himself for the break up with Sammy. Chel's take on life gives him food for thought, and Nathan makes a surprising life-changing decision. But his grand intentions are quashed when Julie and Dave fail to share his enthusiasm. Meanwhile Melissa and Ben are trying to find ways of making the Karandonis house more like home, and decide to replace one of Carbo's ornaments with something more to their own taste. Carbo, fresh off the back of a disastrous encounter with a woman he assumed was his internet romance, reacts badly to having his home messed with. And things go from bad to worse when he finally meets his real internet lover, only to discover that his misadventure could potentially lead to time in jail...moreless
  • The Invisible Man
    Episode 5

    Chel is admitted to hospital after she and Ted run into a group of teenage girls fight. Ted blames himself and later even devastated when their neighbour dies alone. So he decides to do something for the old people. Melissa is annoyed with mess boys making in the house. Nathan finds out that Sammy is keeping in touch with Melissa. Carbo receives sexy gifts from an admirer.

  • A Good Husband
    Episode 4

    Ben is unhappy with his married life, because Melissa is too tired to have sex with him. He takes advise from married men in the family who asks him to be romantic. Julie is unhappy too as Dave is resisting sex. Dave wants alone time with his wife which is not possible at home. When Ben takes Melissa for a surprise romantic outing, depressed Sammy calls Melissa and they have to rush to Sammy's place. Jake meet his mother's boyfriend and he is not impressed with him.

  • 7/6/10

    Dave decides to take Nathan who is constantly partying, for a road trip to Coolong where his father Tom was living. When Melissa tells Ben about Sammy, Ben rushes to his brother to inform him. Rachel becomes jealous when Jake works at an attractive housewife's place.

  • 6/29/10

    Ruby prefers bottle milk instead of breastfeeding which upset Julie. Nathan and Carbo visit a nightclub every Saturday night and Ben feels left out. Jake is not OK with his mom's dating. Melissa confronts Sammy who is still in town.

  • The Blank Page
    Episode 1

    Baby Ruby arrives home with her parents. Ben claims that her eyes looks like his. Carbo post a video changing diaper of the baby and becomes famous much to Ben and Melissa's dismay. Jake have another fit while working alone. After realizing that his marriage is over, Nathan moves to next door so the baby can have a nursery.