Packed to the Rafters - Season 4

Tuesday 8:30 PM on Seven Network Premiered Aug 26, 2008 Between Seasons




Episode Guide

  • 3/20/12

    Emma's happiness fades at her first date with Ben, when she sees Ben is still carrying a photo of Mel in his wallet. After inspired by reading some novels, Julie writes herself one and receives a response from the publishing house. Meanwhile, Steve Wilson arrives for the launch party of Rafter Electrical. As Matt is star stuck to meet him, Nathan receives bad news from him.

  • Sleepwalking
    Episode 21

    Carbo's parents arrives for the wedding. The stress not telling his mother about the marriage making Carbo to sleepwalk. Ben has to throw a fake bachelor party for Carbo, which turns out as boring. But when they head to home, the girls are having the bachelorette party and they join in. Later, Ben makes a decision regarding his feelings for Emma.

  • Butterfly's Wings
    Episode 20

    When there is nobody to babysit Ruby, Dave have to take her to work site for an emergency. Ruby wanders into building site and locked herself in a room with a dangerous drop. Meanwhile, Carbo is not like the idea of Ben with Emma.

  • Leap of Faith
    Episode 19

    After realizing that 10 years has passed since he retired, Ted tries to find new purpose in life. A supposed to be group date turns out single date when Carbo and Retta could not make it and Ben and Emma have to go themselves. Dave accepts his brother Matt after watching him at a gig.

  • Sign of the Times
    Episode 18

    Dave's new job leaves him exhausted and he forgets his anniversary. Retta freaks out when Carbo didn't inform his mom about their marriage.

  • Small World
    Episode 17

    Julie gets flirty with a taxi driver named Matt, not knowing that he is related to Dave. Dave, Julie, Nathan, Jake, Coby and Bree attends an award function. Retta throws a party to 'get new friends' but only two old friends turns up.

  • Second Chance
    Episode 16

    After realizing Tom disappeared with money, Ben and boys tries to locate him and hide the truth from the Dave.

  • Risky Business
    Episode 15

    Ben shows the boys some VIP treatment at a nightclub. A hostess attracted to Nathan, but he stumbles upon to talk to her. Tom introduces a nightclub owner to Ben for investment and Nathan and Emma have reservations about the deal.

  • Trust Issues
    Episode 14

    Ben goes to a costume party with Emma and after seeing her in nurse dress, he opens up to her about Melissa's death. When Alex makes his move, Bree politely turns him down. Later, Alex confesses his feelings for Bree with Jake, which makes Jake to tell Bree that they can't be together. Meanwhile, Nathan asked by Dave to re-join the family business.

  • Tipping Point
    Episode 13

    Dave's friend Warney shows up in a fancy car and offers him a big office rewiring job. With only Jake and Coby as help, Dave struggles to finish the job on time. To open his own bar, Ben is encouraged by Tom who offers his help which makes Coby suspicious of Tom's motives. Meanwhile, Carbo's cousin Voula comes to help Retta for the wedding preparation. Jake and Bree cannot help themselves of attraction to each other.

  • 10/4/11

    Julie finds out that her new friend Donna suffers from OCD and tries to help her. Ben bonds with Tom by forcing him to exercise with him. Alex is very flirty with Bree which makes Jake uncomfortable because he is attracted to her too.

  • 9/20/11

    Jake and Alex's mother Grace got engaged and they came to know that she didn't divorced their father. Tom's grand daughter Bree visits him in the hospital and Coby is not thrilled to see his sister. Meanwhile, Cabo gifts goldfishes to Retta to 'experience' as a parent.

  • Big Kids
    Episode 10

    Julie joins a burlesque dance class with Donna. There is a misunderstanding between with her and Dave after Hamish visits the house again. Meanwhile, Ted tells Nathan that he doesn't trust Tom and keeps avoiding him.

  • From Little Things
    From Little Things
    Episode 9

    Ben struggles to cope with his new boss Donna, who is giving him hard time. Julie interferes and makes more problem for him. But he finds an unexpected friend in Donna's daughter Emma. Meanwhile, instead of looking for a job, Tom sneaking off to see a lady friend which makes Ted furious. Hamish comes to the Rafter's house and tells Julie about his custody battle. This makes Julie to finally comes clean to Dave about Hamish's earlier behavior.

  • 8/30/11

    Tom gets help from Dave, Nathan and Coby to clean up his place. When Nathan is not asked Carbo to be part of his car spare business, Carbo's feelings hurt. Alex returns suddenly from New Zealand and start behaving strangely.

  • Sweet Sorrow
    Episode 7

    A farewell dinner is organized for Rachel who is leaving for New York. Tom shows up at Rafters house announcing his parole came through.

  • The Dollhouse
    Episode 6

    Ladies in the house talk about their dollhouses and someone gets a new one. Jake goes to Jodi's place to explain about his involvement at the party night. Nathan asks Ben to distribute flyers of his website without realizing the mistake of the domain name.

  • 3/8/11

    Nathan gets the news that his divorce from Sammy is final. Retta feels sorry for him and tries to comforts him which makes Carbo jealous. Dave readies to appear in court for Coby's sentence hearing. Rachel's boss offer her a job at his New York office. At a bar, Ben meets a girl called Emma who shows interest in him.

  • 3/1/11

    Rachel tries to support Jake in the case of his charges of sexual assault, but he doesn't want her help. She also have to convince Coby to sign the contract for her boss. Carbo, Retta and Nathan welcomes back Ben into the house by celebrating and all of them pull pranks at each other. Ted falls for a Chinese woman who has been teaching Tai Chi in the park.

  • 2/22/11

    Rachel finds an artwork from Coby's private garage and shows the photo to her boss for a advertising campaign without telling Coby. At Coby's birthday party, police shows up and take Jake away for questioning regarding weekend incident. Meanwhile, Rita is driving crazy Carbo and Retta for her loneliness.

  • In With The New
    Episode 2

    Nathan returns to home from the road trip and tells the family about Ben's hospital admission. Jake and Coby goes for a rugby weekend and an incident put Jake in trouble. Meanwhile, Rita staying with Carbo and throwing old stuff from the house.

  • What Lies Beneath
    Episode 1

    Ben is on his road trip around Australia since Melissa's funeral three months back. He returns home at the time of Carbo and Retta's engagement party. Carbo's mom Rita arrives too for the party and Retta is nervous to meet her. Rita reveals a secret at the party. Now living with Jake, Coby feels uncomfortable when Rachel moves in full time.