Painkiller Jane

Season 1 Episode 4

Catch Me If You Can

Aired Friday 10:00 PM May 04, 2007 on Syfy

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  • Jane and crew track a neuro with the ability to see the future. Said neuro tells Jane 3 of her crew will die if they don't stop trying to find him.

    This is the best episode of Jane so far. Sure, the concept of a mutant/hero/antihero who can see the future and warns of impending doom is nothing new, but for this short lived series the ep remains an early season benchmark. Jane blends its own brand of "Team tracking the superpowered next evolution of the human race" with old/new school mythos...seen when Jane destroys their computer network and they switch to "classic" police work. Somehow, they still end up at the same place and the story plays out. There's also a nod to an impending apocalypse (the drawings seen in the neuros basement stronhold ala Heroes) with a "Population 0" sign which will never be explored b/c the series got canned. Not bad!
  • chip happy people remind me of the people from x-men that didn't like their evolution. Have now decided to not watch this anymore. Only reason why this episode rates the 2 is because of the haunting song played throughout. Anybody know who that is?

    In an effort to see good things about this show, I have watched all the episodes. I am very sorry that I did. Haven't enjoyed a single episode and this just caps it. This episode also marks as the last episode of this show that I will EVER watch. Andre is just insistant that this neuro must be chipped. Nevermind that he hasn't hurt anyone, let alone the fact that he is trying to SAVE people. No....he is a neuro and hence he MUST be chipped. Reminded me of the x-men movie and fixing the mutants, every mutant(neuro) is bad. The guy warned them to stay away, that he didn't WANT to lose his ability because he might eventually be able to save people. I understand his fighting to save his ability although he might have tried to find a not so violent way.

    Pitiful...just pitiful. This show had so much potential.
  • Painkiller Jane finally produces a cohesive, exciting episode that's provacative and perhaps even profound.

    Destiny versus Jane as she battles against the "inevitable" death of three of her team members as foreseen by a psychic neuro. Jane uses her power in an authentic and meaningful way. Finally we see her ability used to advance the plot, rather than just thrown in for some silly special effects. Her healing ability was critical to the success of the mission. Yet the writers had the guts not to make this a happy-everyone-wins ending. Jane makes a mistake and the neuro dies. Four deaths were foretold... and four death scenes came to be. And the "to chip or not chip" dilemma continues to build within Jane. All told, this was an exceptionally well crafted story dealing with destiny, death, and superpowers.
  • Jane needs to prevent the death of her team and that of a neuro that can see into the future.

    This is a great example of the potential of the show and how could it could be. So far the episodes have been getting better and better I can't wait to see what happens next week. This is a show that could last a longtime if the producers and everyone involved plays the cards right. The supporting cast is still sort of weak though. I like the fact that the have a weekly villin yet they still follow the continuity of the show. For example, Jane using the fact that Riley likes her to get the information she needs on the neuro.